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5 Must-Have Facebook Messenger Chrome Extensions

With Facebook getting 2.9 billion monthly users, there’s a high chance your target audience is scrolling through their feeds on the platform.

So, if you’re already marketing and engaging with potential clients on Facebook, you’re good.

The problem is that you can’t be active on one platform all the time.

Does that mean you should also miss out on opportunities by not being active when your potential clients are?

Thanks to Messenger Chrome extensions, you no longer have to.

These plug-ins let you automate conversations on Facebook so you can send messages even when you’re offline.

In this post, we compile the best extensions for Messenger to help you optimize your prospects and convert them into clients.

Let’s dive in.

2 Benefits of Using Google Chrome Plug-Ins for Messenger

1. You can organize your leads

If you use Messenger as your primary lead generation platform, you’re likely already engaging in many discussions.

And sometimes, you might even accidentally send a response to the wrong person.

Note also that different prospects are in various stages of their journey.

Some are ready to work with you, some might need more convincing, and some just won’t convert.

A good Messenger plug-in helps you organize leads based on what stage they’re at.

By using a reliable tool like a Messenger add-on, you can put labels in discussions.

This way, you always know which clients are more likely to convert and what the next logical reply should be.

2. It lets you automate communications

As we mentioned above, there’s just no way you can be active on one platform 24/7 to respond to all potential and existing clients.

Unfortunately, this can affect your business in many ways, like when you forget to follow up on critical prospects and miss your chance to convert a client.

In this case, a good Messenger extension will help you automate follow-ups with essential leads.

This way, whenever a conversation goes quiet, you can always spark it again via a good Messenger Chrome plug-in.

Our Facebook Messenger Extensions List for Chrome

1. Chatsilo


Is your Messenger inbox too crowded?

Are you unable to find that critical chat with a client you converted last week?

Or are you worried you’d lose an opportunity if you don’t follow up?

If you answered “yes” to any of the questions above, you’d love the Chatsilo extension on Google Chrome.

Chatsilo is a game changer because it allows you to add conversation tags to clients for future reference.

Here’s how you can put tags next to the names of each client.

You can easily organize leads into different pools based on where they are on their journey.

Then, after sorting them, you can set up automated replies using premade message templates from Chatsilo.

For example, when someone sends you a message for the first time, you can set up a trigger to send quick replies for the next steps they should take.


  • It lets you set up reminders
  • Receives notifications for any new activity


  • May sometimes have sign-in issues


Chatsilo has a free extension.

But if you’d like to try its premium features, you can also check out its $29 per-month pricing.

2. Messenger Notifier

Messenger Notifier Chrome extension

Getting notified on Messenger with a Chrome browser can be tricky.

But if you don’t get notifications, you miss out on opportunities to engage with your leads when they’re active.

Enter Messenger Notifier.

As its name suggests, this brilliant extension notifies you of every activity, like new chats and reactions.

You’ll receive a notification once you install its extension.

This way, every time there’s any activity, it displays as a red dot at the top right of the icon.


  • Convenient to use
  • Available for free


  • None reported as of this writing


The Messenger Notifier extension is free to use.

3. Messenger Organizer

Messenger Organizer is an extension that works just like Chatsilo.


It allows you to create conversation tags and organize prospects in different folders.

You can set priorities by choosing different colors for various labels.

It also allows you to categorize clients, create automated answers for each type, and keep them in separate files.

To set automated responses, you can use the premade message templates and customize them for your audience.

Here’s how the extension works:

To use the extension, you need to have an active Messenger account.

Make sure as well that you’re using the “app.messenger.com” as the URL.


  • No configuration required
  • Easy to use


  • None reported as of this writing


The Messenger Organizer plug-in is free to install.

But if you wish to use its advanced features, check out its pricing plans.


4. ELMessenger Pro

ELMessenger Pro messenger chrome extension

As entrepreneurs, you might already know how much time you usually lose in recurring tasks like keeping track of follow-ups and sending messages to every new connection.

Still, despite being mundane, these tasks are vital for your business.

What if you could save time by automating recurring tasks and working instead on nurturing relationships with your leads?

A discreet plug-in, ELMessenger Pro converts your Messenger into a built-in, color-coded CRM that lets you, among others:

  • Automate friend request connections to targeted leads in your niche,
  • Automate personalized welcome messages,
  • Create tags to categorize prospects, and
  • Keep notes on people so you can personalize your conversations with them well.

It has helped many business owners. In fact, here are some of their testimonials:

The best advantage of ELMessenger Pro is that it lets you create Google Calendar events from the dashboard.

You can set quick reminders on your Calendar straight from your inbox and receive notifications.

This makes following up with prospects much easier.


  • Lets you organize leads based on tags
  • Lets you track friend engagement


  • May have loading issues
  • No dark theme option


Although the ELMessenger Pro extension offers a seven-day free trial, it’s only available when you invest in its monthly subscription.

Otherwise, it costs $497 annually.

5. GroupTrack CRM

GroupTrack CRM extension

Switching between multiple social profiles, newsfeeds, Messenger friends, groups, and an external customer relationship management (CRM) can be a hassle.

Not only is this workflow inefficient, but it can also become more chaotic and confusing.

To this end, GroupTrack CRM is your ultimate customer relationship management software for Facebook.

With this tool, a window will pop up on your screen showing your prospects’ description when you hover over their names.

It helps you create tags to separate your connections based on their journey. This lets you quickly review who is or is not in your network.

The best part is that GroupTrack CRM is a perfect tool for teams, as you can share all the data with your teams and collaborate.

And as the name suggests, it is also helpful in managing groups and communities.

Its toolbar has terrific options you can use to identify who among the group members isn’t your client.

This way, you can add those who aren’t your clients yet to your pipeline.

Here’s a quick video explaining the various actions you can take using GroupTrack CRM:


  • It lets you define what stage your prospects are in individually
  • You can also use it to manage groups


  • No dark mode is available
  • You can’t resize the window


The GroupTrack CRM is a premium extension whose pricing plans start at $57 per month after you use it for free for 12 days.

Factors to Consider While Choosing the Best Messenger Add-on

1. Easy to use

You need a Chrome extension that simplifies your work, not overcomplicates it.

The best extension is that which does most of your work for you, such as delivering automated replies.

The tool you choose should enable you to categorize multiple prospects and set automated answers for cases where someone tries to initiate a discussion.

This lets you avoid time lags and help your prospects immediately.

2. Has multiple features

You don’t want to slow down your desktop web page with multiple apps for just one use case.

A lite add-on that can handle all the functions you need, like an entire CRM for Facebook Messenger clients, is the best option.

If a big part of your work is responding to your Messenger clients, look for an all-in-one extension that covers every critical aspect of managing your chats.

Final Thoughts for Messenger Chrome Extensions

These are the best Facebook Messenger Chrome extensions you can use to optimize your Facebook clients’ conversations.

I hope you were able to pick one from the list based on your needs.

If not yet, consider what you need the extension for and what you want to achieve.

For example, if you need a simple extension that notifies you whenever someone sends you a message, then go for Messenger Notifier.

But if your business needs are more prominent and your work depends on converting clients from Messenger conversations, then you need an ultimate CRM like Chatsilo.

Just make sure to pick an extension that makes your work easier.

Need help developing a Facebook Messenger software with the specific features you want?

Feel free to contact us.