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Wati.io Review: The Ultimate WhatsApp Web CRM Solution

The new era of customer relationship management (CRM) is here, and it’s coming in the form of WhatsApp’s WATI.

While only some have adopted CRM for doing business, we’re at a tipping point where the allure of creating leads via WhatsApp is too great to ignore.

Let’s face it. Many of us already use WhatsApp and share information daily.

Converting this current behavior into lead generation for business is relatively easy and only requires one step: having the right tools to make it happen.

The WATI platform fits that bill perfectly and offers a solution that is elegant and simple yet powerful at the same time.

In this Wati.io review, we’re going to go over what makes WATI your next best business investment.

What Is WATI?

What is WATI?

Also known as WhatsApp Team Inbox, WATI is a CRM solution that allows businesses to manage their contacts and customer relationships in one place.

It’s designed to help companies manage all aspects of their customer relationship on WhatsApp, from sales to support and even marketing.

How does WATI work?

WATI has several different features that make it work incredibly:

  • A contact management system that allows you to create your database of contacts and import them from other systems. You can access those contacts through the CRM platform and make changes as needed.
  • A lead management system that helps you track who is interested in what types of products and services so you can respond more efficiently when someone expresses interest in something new.
  • An email automation tool that lets you send automated messages based on specific criteria (like a past purchase history). This can increase your response rate and efficiency when it comes time for someone to buy something from you.

What Is WATI Used For?


If you are about to start using a CRM for your business, here are a few questions to consider:

  • Is it stable? Is it easy to use?
  • Will it help me manage my business’s online contact list, leads, and customer accounts?
  • Does it integrate with the main CRM software I use for my business?

Luckily, WATI can answer those questions with a resounding “yes”.

Aside from requiring minimal technical skills or knowledge even from people new to CRMs, WATI integrates seamlessly with Zoho CRM, WooCommerce, Shopify, and Hubspot.

It’s also a product by specialists with years of experience and success in managing large customer databases.

What Does This Mean for My Business?

Evidently, WATI is the perfect solution for small, medium, and large businesses.

Although it has been designed to work with a CRM, it’s also very flexible and can be adapted to fit other business needs.

It’s not just a CRM but also helps you manage your emails, sales leads, and customer relationships in one seamless platform.

This makes it well-suited for companies with multiple departments that must communicate and coordinate with each other.

Wati also includes several other useful features, such as:

  • graphs and charts that show how many customers have interacted with each other over time,
  • reports that show how much money each customer spends with you monthly or quarterly,
  • call logs that show what calls were made by which customers, and
  • sales reports that show how much money was made by each customer during a specific period.

It also provides the following:

List management

An out-of-the-box solution for your business, WATI provides an easy way to manage your contacts, leads, and sales pipeline.

The best thing about this application is its list management, which allows you to create lists of contacts and leads interested in your product or service.

You can check on the details of each customer through the sales and lead management section of your application.

It is much more convenient than traditional methods of checking your clients’ information (whether by email or phone calls).

Customer support

WATI list management

With WATI’s reliable customer support, you don’t have to worry about whether or not your customers are getting the help they need.

It also has many features that make managing your company’s customer base more effortless.

Even though Wati is a customer-oriented solution, it is more than just creating a support ticket for each client or customer.

The platform will also help you efficiently manage your clients’ queries, allowing you to increase your client satisfaction and loyalty.

Marketing automation

WATI marketing automation

If you’re looking for a CRM solution to help you automate your marketing efforts and make the most of your time, look no further than WATI.

With WATI, you can create automated campaigns that run from anywhere, anytime.

You can set up campaigns and send them off at the touch of a button.

No more waiting for someone to respond or being unsure if it’s even worth all the trouble.

You’ll know when to move forward with the campaign and what actions to take to ensure success.

The best part is that WATI works across all platforms. Thus, even if they’re not using your app together, they still have access to all your campaign’s functions via their devices.

Contact management

WATI’s contact management allows users to create groups, manage their members, create conversations, and send group messages.

You can even add images or attachments on Whatsapp’s web version.

This is great for businesses because it helps them stay organized by keeping all of their contacts in one place and making it easier for employees to communicate with each other.

Self-service portal

You can also use WATI to share files and information online. With this feature, all your business contacts on the app can access any information you share.

Users can also create new folders to categorize the information they receive.

Live chat

WATI live chat

Live chat is an add-on service that can be added to WATI’s main chat feature.

You can use the regular chat feature and click a button to begin a live chat session.

Also, its two-way audio communication feature lets users chat with other contacts in real time.

This feature benefits small businesses that want to stay in constant contact with customers or other businesses.

Performance metrics

WATI performance metrics

The web-based platform monitors performance, customer engagement, order conversions, item sales, and open rates through this feature.

You can also view reports on user behavior and get insights into their journey within the app itself.

Also, it enables you to track your competitors’ activities, assess their performance, and see how they’re doing against you.

Virtual assistant

Another vital feature of WATI is its virtual assistant since it plays a massive role in your business.

Here are a few benefits of using virtual assistance:

  1. Save money by hiring fewer people.
  2. Improve efficiency by working from home or in other locations that are more convenient for you.
  3. ncrease productivity by ensuring that you don’t spend too much time on emails or calls with customers or clients.

Pre-configured bot

WATI pre-configured bot

With WATI, you can configure your business bot for sending messages, making payments, and more.

The bot will be pre-configured with the keywords that matter most to your business, so it can answer questions like “What’s happening in my region?” or “What are the latest trends in my industry?”.

You can also use it to send personalized messages based on what’s happening around you or what your customers are asking for.

WATI Plans and Pricing

WATI is a product that offers two affordable monthly plans.

Its standard plan is perfect for those who want to get started. Meanwhile, its professional plan offers more features and is better suited for business owners who need the most advanced features.

The following is a breakdown of WATI’s pricing:

  • Standard – $49 per month
  • Professional Business – $98 per month

If you decide to purchase annually, you get 20% off, which makes the standard plan just $40 per month and the business plan just $80 per month.

Both plans have affordable pricing for both small and big businesses. All you have to do is go for what suits your business. 

WATI Pros and Cons


  • You can easily integrate it with Whatsapp Business to leverage all its benefits.
  • It’s light and simple to use.
  • It’s a cost-effective solution for those who want to start a virtual assistant business.
  • You can save your messages on your phone or computer.
  • You can determine the privacy of your messages and photos.
  • There’s no need for any coding knowledge.
  • It has a fully customizable design.


  • You must have an Internet connection on your device to use it. Therefore, you cannot turn off data.
  • The mobile app of this platform is the same as WhatsApp, which some people would need clarification to use with its rules and regulations. 

WATI Alternatives

WATI allows users to send and receive text messages, images, and videos.

It’s used by millions of people every day for communication. But what if you don’t want to use WhatsApp’s WATI?

Here are some alternatives:

1. AiSensy

With AiSensy, you can scale your business to hundreds of WhatsApp users.

You can sign up and apply for WhatsApp Business API for free. The 14-day free demo also gives you 2000 Conversation Credits that you can use to send Broadcasts to WhatsApp users.

This way, you can manage your business customer relationships and track the audience demographics of your marketing campaigns.

You can also get live analytics of how your messages are performing.

2. Twilio

The Twilio platform can deliver digital experiences across platforms such as WhatsApp, SMS, messenger, voice, video, mail, and IoT.

Using Twilio, you can integrate WhatsApp Business API easily, reliably, and efficiently.

Note, though, that since Twilio’s WhatsApp Business API solution is built for developers, you will need a dedicated team of developers to get started. Otherwise, it might be too complicated for you.

It seamlessly delivers SMS and voice calls to your customers, thus generating more revenue opportunities.

3. CM.com

CM.com allows you to send rich media content and messages, perform delivery updates, provide real-time support, and view users’ profile details.

Also, you can use voice calls, SMS, and WhatsApp Business API to deliver real-time customer service.

Costlier than other alternatives, CM.com allows you to build chatbots from scratch or use pre-made modules for customer management.

Frequently Asked Questions About WATI

Is WhatsApp Web’s WATI app free?

No, but you can subscribe to its monthly and annual subscription plans.

Is WATI reliable?

Yes. WATI has an excellent support team that provides a great system for business owners like you.

Final Thoughts for This WATI Review

WATI final thoughts

WATI presents itself as the perfect solution for businesses that want to create WhatsApp-based chatbots and use them to interact with their customers and employees.

This should allow you to communicate more efficiently with your target audience, leading to potential growth in user engagement and, ultimately, more revenue.