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StreamYard Review: Is It Worth For Live Streaming?

Do you know what the most dreadful situation is?

Streaming live with a sizable audience, and the software is stuck. Your audience is waiting for you to say something, but you can’t seem to fix the tech error. 

Today, I’m introducing you to fantastic live-streaming software that is the ultimate solution to the problem. Introducing StreamYard to you.

I’ve been using StreamYard for a while, and it has never failed to amaze me. StreamYard is a unique software that makes live streaming easy and affordable. 

You might have questions like:

  • What is StreamYard?
  • How is it different from other live-streaming tools?
  • What are its unique features?
  • What are StreamYard’s pricing plans?
  • And many more.

I’m going to answer all of your questions in this StreamYard review. 

So, without further ado, let’s get started.

StreamYard Review: Quick Verdict

Want to know if StreamYard is a good choice for you?

One-word answer: Yes.

StreamYard review - StreamYard overview
Image Source: StreamYard

StreamYard is an excellent choice for beginners and pros to go live anytime. It is smooth and efficient and will save you from frozen screen embarrassment. 

You can stream directly on any platform where your audience is. Or do you have your audience scattered on multiple channels? Well then, StreamYard allows you to multistream at different channels simultaneously.   

It has incredible features that allow you to display audience comments, add banners, embed videos, etc., that take your live streams to the next level. 

And it is cost-efficient. If you go the traditional way for a live stream setup, it would cost you thousands. But StreamYard has affordable plans that will turn around less than a hundred bucks monthly.

On top of that, they offer a free version for you to try its features first. Once satisfied, you can upgrade to a premium plan and enjoy additional features. 

Sign up for a free StreamYard Plan here.

What is StreamYard?

StreamYard is one of the most popular live-streaming applications launched by Dan and Geige in 2018. It lets you stream live, interview guests, and organize quick meetups online.

StreamYard is browser-based, so you don’t have to install software on your computer. It’ll work just fine as a Chrome extension. You can connect or use it to stream directly from Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, or any other platform.

If you’re looking for a live-streaming application that allows you to connect with your audience without crashes, frozen screens, and errors, then StreamYard is perfect.

Start with StreamYard today.

Top StreamYard Features

You might be wondering, “there are many options for streaming online, but why choose StreamYard? Here are some of its best features that make it unique.

Cloud-Based Platform

StreamYard is a cloud-based platform. It means you don’t have to install any software on your device. All you need to do is visit the web browser or click on the extension to start streaming. It’ll take minimal memory or power on your computer, making it easy to function and providing a smooth experience for you and your audience.

Multistream at Different Channels at Once

We all have audiences on different platforms and can only do one live stream on one platform. StreamYard allows you to stream on multiple platforms, like Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc., wherever your audience is. You can engage with all your audience at one time. 


Unlike other software, setting up a stream on StreamYard is easy and beginner-friendly. How to do it? Follow these steps:

1) Log in to your StreamYard dashboard and create a broadcast.

StreamYard review - Create a broadcast streamyard
Image Source: StreamYard

2) Choose a channel where you want to stream live. If your platform isn’t on the list, pick the ‘Custom RTMP’ option (available on paid plans only) to add your channel.

StreamYard review - choose a live streaming channel
Image Source: StreamYard

You will be live in a few seconds. And that’s it. Simple and hassle-free. 

Add Branding

StreamYard allows you to add branding to your live streams. You can choose your brand colors and add your logo to customize your stream and make it familiar to your audience. This feature helps in making the brand memorable.

StreamYard review - add branding to live stream streamyard

For example, I added my brand logo and colors to my stream to make it more personable to our audience. 

StreamYard also allows you to show banners and text overlays to customize the live stream. Like I did with “First Time Going Live With.” Check out my live stream in our exclusive Facebook group right here.

Broadcast with Guests

StreamYard lets you stream live with guests. In the example above, I invited Erica to stream with me. You can add up to 10 guests in one stream. If you collaborate with influencers often, this is a great benefit. They don’t need to download anything; just a click on the invite link, and they’re live with you.

StreamYard review - hosting conversations on streamyard

Interactive Audience 

Want to hear the best part? Well, it is this feature. StreamYard helps you take interaction with your audience to the next level by allowing you to feature their comments. It’s handy when you’re doing a Q&A. You can display the comment (question) you’re responding to. To display a comment, all you need to do is click on it.

StreamYard review - audience interaction

You can also use the giveaway tool to organize giveaways and select random winners during the live. 

Record HD Videos & Audio 

The best use is recording podcasts. If you want to record a live stream and send it to your audience as a replay, you can do that too. You can also record HD videos to upload somewhere. 

StreamYard Pricing Plans

Now that you know its unique features, you might wonder how much it would cost. Here are StreamYard’s pricing plans and their benefits.

StreamYard review - streamyard pricing plans

Free Plan

The free plan is perfect for beginners or professionals who would like to give it a try first. You have to sign in using your Google account to start using it. 

  • Stream limits only 20 hours per month 
  • You can share screen
  • Add up to six guests in a stream
  • Add banners
  • Show audience’s comments
  • It’ll have StreamYard branding by default

Start with StreamYard’s free plan here.

Basic Plan

The basic plan costs $20 per month. If you stream regularly, then the basic plan is for you. It’s a perfect plan for individual creators because they get all in free and some additional paid features. 

  • Multistream on three platforms at once
  • No StreamYard branding (you can add yours)
  • Unlimited streaming
  • Record sessions for up to three hours
  • Add ten guests
  • Overlays and background effects

Learn more about the basic plan here.

Professional Plan

The professional plan costs $39 per month. It has all the basic plan features with some extras.

  • Multistream on eight channels
  • Record up to ten hours 
  • Record using multiple cameras
  • Record individual audio

Sign up for the professional plan here.

And if you’re a part of an organization and have more significant needs, you can contact sales to get a custom plan prepared accordingly. 

StreamYard Pros & Cons

Everything has good and bad, and StreamYard is no different. Here are some pros and cons of StreamYard.

Pros of StreamYard

  • Easy to use for first-time users
  • Interactive audience features to make them a part of the conversation
  • Brand streams to add personalization

Cons of StreamYard

  • Can’t multistream using the free plan
  • Free plan streaming duration limits

Final Thoughts: Is StreamYard Worth It For Live Streaming?

After using StreamYard for a while, I’ve concluded it’s worth it. 

StreamYard, in technical aspects, is easy to set up. You don’t have to be a tech guru to stream live; an absolute beginner can also use it. 

In terms of cost efficiency, it is affordable. StreamYard delivers better quality service at affordable prices than most expensive software. 

The best part is that it would work ideally, even on low-power devices. As it is cloud-based, so most of the work is done by StreamYard’s computer. 

Overall, StreamYard is worth a try – it’ll make your live streams easier and smoother, helping you build an engaging relationship with your audience.

Sign up for a StreamYard account here.

FAQs on StreamYard

In this detailed StreamYard review, I tried to cover all of its benefits that should help you decide. Here are the answers to some common questions you might have:

1) Do guests require signup to join a session?

No. Guests can quickly join a session by clicking on the invite link. But, if you want to provide additional security, it’s a good idea to request them to sign up before joining. 

2) Can I record audio only and not video?

You can record audio by clicking the “Record Audio only” option. This way, you can also record podcasts.

3) What are some of the StreamYard alternatives?

Some of the StreamYard alternatives are:

  • Zoom
  • Loom
  • Restream
  • StreamLabs 

4) Can I have unlimited streaming hours?

Yes, for unlimited streaming, you need a basic or professional plan on StreamYard. With a free plan, you can only stream up to 20 hours per month.

So, this was all about StreamYard. Still not sure if it is the right choice for you? Well, you can only decide if you give it a try. Sign up for a free StreamYard account and get the answer yourself.

Tell me in the comments below: have you tried StreamYard before? Or do you use any other alternative?