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Who Is Spencer Haws? – Background, Niche Sites, Products & Net Worth 

Who is Spencer Haws?

The world of entrepreneurship has given way to a lot of names that are making it in the online space. And one of them is Spencer Haws.

So, if you’re curious about who he is and how he’s become an entrepreneurial name, keep reading to know more.

Who Is Spencer Haws?—An Overview


Spencer Haws is a successful entrepreneur who created Niche Pursuits, a blog that is now a self-help tool for dozens of online businesses around the world looking to capitalize on unique ideas.

You might think that Haws has always had it all. But, he had to work hard as he grew up to come up with creative ideas, successful business models, and entrepreneurial stardom.

He gained a large amount of influence from his father, who started his own business at just 21 years old.

Seeing how his father worked hard to make his dream come true helped inspire Spencer to do the same.

This led him to create his first online advice blog back in 2005.

However, he struggled until 2010, failing to make any real impact.

After trying a few different platforms, but never seeming to succeed, he finally hit the jackpot with Niche Pursuits when he found out that the secret was to rank on Google through search engine optimization (SEO).

He began making over $10k per month and has increased his monthly profit since then. He has never looked back.

Creating niche websites became his full-time job. Now, he’s helping other online businesses reap the benefits of cool projects and hands-on software.

Niche Sites

Spencer Haws created Niche Pursuits, an online educational program that helps entrepreneurs, content creators, and business owners turn their content into profitable blogs.

By providing educational tools, personal tips, and helpful tricks, Haws can help entrepreneurs create an effective business that continually gets traffic and turns a profit.

The platform contains success stories, Editor’s Picks articles, eCommerce tools, marketing strategies, blogging tips, money-making tricks, and personal stories.

1. eCommerce

Niche Pursuits features a section with eCommerce, Amazon FBA, and Dropshipping tips.

  • eCommerce – The eCommerce page provides information regarding electronic marketplace websites, such as eBay, Sendowl, Flight Club, Stadium Goods, Omaze, Traveluro, and other platforms.
  • Amazon FBA – Amazon FBA provides information regarding Amazon FBA coaches, Amazon sales estimator, Amazon Automation Scam, Jungle Scout, Helium 10, Tactical Arbitrage, Amazon business licenses, and Amazon seller information.
  • Dropshipping – The Dropshipping page tells users information about eComhunt, Zendrop, sourcing dropshipping products, Aliexpress, eBay Dropshipping, and Amazon Dropshipping.

2. Marketing

The Marketing section features Digital Marketing tips, social media information, and email marketing pages.

  • Digital Marketing – The Digital Marketing page gives customers information on Black Friday deals, YouTube niches, personal branding, Google Analytics tools, native ad platforms, and Quora tricks.
  • Social Media — The Social Media page provides consumers with information on social media pages, like TikTok, Instagram, and Pinterest.
  • Email Marketing — The Email Marketing page on Niche Pursuits gives users information regarding EZ Texting, Substack, Hunter IO, SMS marketing, and email marketing.

3. Blogging

Niche Pursuits also offers information on blogging, niche websites, artificial intelligence, SEO, monetization, and affiliate marketing. 

  • Blogging and Niche Websites — The page provides users with information on blogging and niche websites, such as website maintenance costs and fees, Siteground reviews, fashion blogging ideas, blogging relevancy, Duda review, and other information.
  • Artificial Intelligence — This page provides information on Copypro, Content AT Scale, Quillbot, GPT-4, and other AI platforms.
  • SEO — SEO is a key part of ranking on search engines. Niche Pursuits provides information regarding Growth Bar, link building, AHREFs, SEO domain authority, and Google optimization.
  • Monetization — There’s also information regarding monetization, such as cash generation, Patreon alternatives, AD Thrive, and AdSense.
  • Affiliate marketing — The page offers information on affiliate marketing, such as affiliate programs, beginner affiliate programs, pet affiliate programs, and high-paying affiliate schemes.

4. Making Money

The Niche Pursuits website also has a “Make Money” tab that provides information regarding side hustles, self-publishing, starting a business, and making money online.

  • Side Hustles — Side Hustles is all about information on Survey Junkie, Flash Rewards, Inbox Dollars, and SeatGeek.
  • Self Publishing — The Self Publishing tab provides information regarding writing a book, publisher information, KD Spy, Substack, and other book alternatives.
  • Start a Business — For consumers looking to start a business online, Niche Pursuits offers information on how to start a consulting business, creative business ideas, landscaping business ideas, and how to name a business.
  • Make Money Online — Consumers also can read resources regarding how to make money online, finding freelance writing jobs, and learning to work from home.

5. Stories

Another popular section on the Niche Pursuits website is the personal stories that provide new users with information, tips, and tricks on how to use Niche Pursuits to get the most out of the program. 

  • Podcasts — The site provides consumers with information via the Niche Pursuits podcast run by Jared Bauman, the CEO of 201 Creative, LLC, and an expert in SEO.
  • Success Stories — Customers can also read about the most recent and inspiring success stories from those who have used Niche Pursuits to build their online businesses and small companies. 


Spencer Haws has created various products over the years to help entrepreneurs and online content creators.

1. Niche Pursuits

Niche Pursuits is a part of the Amazon Associates Program, which helps users determine how to create unique content on their online platforms, expand their business, and learn additional information on how to set up and organize their online company.

According to Similar Web, Niche Pursuits is a very popular website among people aged 25-34, with 33.74% of visits within this demographic.

The United States has the most visitors, representing 32% of total visitors. Meanwhile, the United Kingdom and India represent 7.87% and 4.41%, respectively.

In fact, the total number of website visits in October 2022 came to almost 574k, with the number of visits on the page per month averaging around 629k.

2. Long Tail Pro

In 2016, Spencer founded Long Tail Pro. This keyword and SEO tool helps online content creators find less competitive keywords in the SEO world.

By finding less competitive “buzzwords” that can direct users to your webpage, you can drive traffic to your web page and increase sales, engagement, and click rates.

This tool is a helpful SEO tool that works well for various corporations and sectors, such as marketing employees, SEO-based jobs, marketers, and ad agencies.

It works by finding the right keywords for your niche, using Google organic listings, tracking the effectiveness of each keyword, and measuring the ranking of the keywords.

Due to its immediate success, Spencer sold this powerful software just one year after its creation.

Long Tail Pro starts its pricing at approximately $25 per month.

3. Table Labs

Another one of Haws’ successful creations is Table Labs.

This easy-to-use and functional tool provides users with a comparison table of Amazon products to help create an aesthetic and accurate table in just minutes.

The software allows Amazon workers and Amazon Associates to compare products and analyze products on third-party websites.

4. Link Whisper

Just two years after creating Table Labs, Spencer Haws founded Link Whisper, an internal linking tool that helps business owners and online content creators boost their SEO relevance and search engine rankings.

It effectively utilizes artificial intelligence to create relevant blogs and increase the number of visits to your site.

Link Whisper creates automatic link suggestions to help you create relevant content, build internal links connected to past posts, and create comprehensive internal link reports.

It’s one of the most widespread and effective tools for users who have WordPress websites.

5. Motion Invest

From 2019 onward, Haws put all of his time and energy into Motion Invest.

It’s an online tool that helps creators, entrepreneurs, and business owners purchase and sell websites in just a few easy steps.

You can use the homepage to find a listing for any business, such as the Amazon Store.

Using Motion Invest provides entrepreneurs and business owners with a site valuation, an easy transfer process, and dozens of views on a site they want to sell.

Consumers and business owners who want to buy a website can do so for under $1,000.

This makes it possible for new entrepreneurs and small business owners to still invest without spending between $5k and $10k. 

Spencer Haws’ Net Worth

Spencer Haws is a niche blogger who has created a name for himself and has ample net worth due to his multiple products and businesses.

After a tough time of struggling to break into the online world, he has figured out the most effective way to create SEO-based businesses and tools to help entrepreneurs make the most out of their content.

Not only does Haws share his own success stories and tricks, but he provides users with case studies and data.

Similar Web estimates that Niche Pursuits generates annual revenue of between $10 million and $15 million in the computers and electronic technology industry.

Niche Pursuits ranks #48,296 in the United States and #4,290 in the category rank in the computers, electronics, and technology ranking within the United States.

Due to the high number of total visits and pages per visit on Niche Pursuits, this is an extremely high-grossing website for Spencer Haws.

Along with Niche Pursuits, Spencer Haws has various other businesses and tools that add to his yearly salary and overall net worth. 

Final Thoughts About Spencer Haws

Spencer Haws is a successful entrepreneur who has made a name for himself in the online world.

He creates multiple products, provides small business owners with key information, and churns out high-end self-help websites.