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Micro-SaaS List: The Top 10 Micro-SaaS Ideas to Try in 2023

Micro-SaaS ideas revolve around solving problems for narrow audiences.

However, the market evolves fast, so it’s vital that you take advantage of available solutions to benefit your business and customers.

Some perks include high speed, seamless upgrades, and predictable recurring revenue.

This ensures that the small group of people you create solutions for will be ready to pay for valuable output.

Furthermore, you won’t need external funding because you’ll only use a few people to design, develop, and run them.

Below are 10 micro-SaaS ideas that will make your business more effective in 2023.

1. Workforce Management

Workforce Management micro-saas idea

The increased employee turnover and geographically distributed workforce, among others, make workforce management crucial.

This is especially vital when you consider that at least 95% of new workforce management application sales will be in the Cloud by 2023.

You can try a micro-SaaS to plan, track, and manage the allocation of labor resources.

The primary aim of workforce management is to attract and keep the best talent. And this is possible with these ideas:

1.1 Payroll Integration Solution

A payroll micro-SaaS software lets you automate payroll procedures.

For example, you can record pension deductions, schedule payments, and quickly produce payslips.

You can even increase accuracy with the automation of operations and reduce the likelihood of errors.

1.2 Absence Management

Another idea is employee scheduling software with an absence management feature that lets you oversee employee absences.

You can then analyze trends to gauge the causes and impact of absences.

From the analysis, you can determine and solve some of the controllable causes of absenteeism.

1.3 Work Time Tracker

A work time tracker optimizes and tracks employees’ time at work. It can also record all the salaries and wages employees receive.

If payment is hourly, your employees can use the tool to know the time spent on each task.

This way, you get improved workload management and better payroll management.

2. Employee Scheduling Software

Workforce Management micro-saas idea

You might need to spend much time creating a schedule if your business has shift patterns.

But with a micro-SaaS solution, you’ll easily gain collaboration among employees.

This is because your employees can input availability and automatically swap shifts whenever needed.

Employee scheduling software doesn’t only assign shifts. It also tracks analytical functions to determine the pain points in your scheduling process.

Software like this considers individual and business needs to develop a schedule that fits each employee’s preferences so that they can foster an ideal work-life balance.

The time management feature of employee scheduling software also ensures that employees report accurate times.

Some systems incorporate advanced time clock features like iris scans and fingerprints to ensure accuracy in attendance reports.

Data from employee scheduling software can also give you an in-depth view of schedule processes.

For instance, an analysis of employee work times, absenteeism, and related costs shows how the current schedule affects a business owner’s plans.

The data-based evaluations can also show successful and unsuccessful processes, so you can adjust as needed.

3. Learning Management Software (LMS)

micro saas idea learning management software

An LMS is a vital tool for the following activities:

  • To onboard and help new employees get up to speed,
  • To train older employees for continuous growth, and
  • To provide a repository for business knowledge and just-in-time education.

These three are all vital for your business success, but the section below focuses on continuous education.

Undeniably, employees who continually train and learn new skills are valuable to any business. And with LMS, you can organize, manage, and administer business training content.

LMS is a micro-SaaS idea that simplifies the administration of individual departments and company-wide education. Also, you can track employee performance, progress and satisfaction.

Aside from that, an LMS can help you personalize experiences for employees.

This lets your employees find role-specific content to enhance productivity.

Not only that, but anyone interested in other areas of your business can use the LMS to learn about roles and requirements.

Another crucial element of LMS is self-paced learning, which 58% of employees prefer. This means that your employees go through the modules during their leisure time.

You won’t have to train everyone face to face, so you also save on costs.

4. Expense Tracker

micro saas expense tracker idea

For many small business owners, one of their primary concerns is to have enough cash to settle all expenses.

At the same time, they want to avoid situations where they run out of working capital and risk business closure.

Luckily, an expense tracker lets you plan how your income covers all monthly expenses.

The expense tracker also lets you develop a strategic plan. For instance, if you’ve had a good income in one month, you can save the amount for slower months.

A solid business expense report from the expense tracker can also provide valuable information for budgetary considerations.

It can guide you in deciding the expenses to prioritize during budget allocations.

You can also use the information to weed out unnecessary expenditures and improve your business’s financial health.

Apart from that, an expense tracker also comes in handy when tax time comes.

If you can properly track your expenses, you are more likely to file accurate returns, and you’ll have a clear record with detailed income documentation in case the IRS does a business audit.

Also, you’ll have an easier time claiming your tax deductions.

5. A One-Click Solution for Spam Emails


You can genuinely subscribe to newsletters, but some companies buy email lists. Because of this, it’s still possible for you to receive unsolicited emails.

Also, while most emails have an unsubscribe link, many newsletters fail to add the link to all emails. In some cases, the link is even tiny and at a place you can easily miss.

These concerns raise the need for a solution that will help you quickly unsubscribe from unwanted subscriptions.

To prevent the hassle of too many emails, try a micro-SaaS app with enhanced privacy features.

One-click solutions for spam emails allow you to organize and unsubscribe emails in bulk so that you won’t have to go through all emails individually.

Instead, all the subscriptions are in one place, where you select whichever newsletter to unsubscribe from.

You may want to unsubscribe from some emails for a while and then subscribe to the same sender later. In such a case, opt for an app that allows you to re-subscribe.

For example, some apps have a feature that compiles a list of unsubscribed emails.

So, you can view and subscribe again to the sender whenever needed.

6. Employee Engagement Platform

employee engagement platform idea for micro saas

In the post-pandemic era, many employees work remotely, thereby increasing disconnection among co-workers.

But with an engagement platform, you don’t have to think about that any longer.

Employee engagement refers to strengthening employees’ mental and emotional bonds.

It’s said that businesses with highly engaged staff are 21% more profitable.

Clearly, you and your employees benefit from an engagement program that builds professional and emotional strength.

An employee engagement platform goes beyond collecting feedback and recognizing employee contributions.

It also lets you build connected teams that offer support during tasks and projects.

As a result, employees feel valued and are more likely to be committed to your business.

Furthermore, remote employee engagement software makes interactions smoother and improves understanding.

The platform facilitates teamwork, so your employees motivate rather than compete with each other.

In the end, you will witness increased productivity, loyalty, and profits.

7. HR Software for Startups

hr software for startup

You need to build your client base and revenue if you’re a startup business owner.

Because of this, you will likely need more employees and a strategy to ensure you don’t hire an expensive HR team.

In this case, an HR micro-SaaS comes in handy for streamlining HR tasks, reducing lengthy paperwork, and improving admin processes.

An HR system is an investment in your business succession. The system guides you in hiring the right people to promote business growth and progression.

As a result, you can get more customers and build loyalty from your business onset.

Many HR software have self-service capabilities that allow you to delegate some roles.

For example, your employees can record absences, request holidays, and manage schedules.

You’ll get more time to focus on other tasks, and your employees will also gain greater empowerment.

Another benefit of this micro-SaaS idea for startups is that it promotes an inclusive and progressive culture with open lines of communication.

Your employees can openly give feedback and ideas. This way, you can get a vast pool of information you can use to solve problems or develop better ideas.

8. eCommerce Analytic Tools

ecommerce analysis tools idea for micro-saas

If you have a modern-day online business, the amount of data and key metrics at your disposal is high.

Unfortunately, the numbers can sometimes be too much and overwhelming.

Nonetheless, you can stay relevant if you focus only on the critical measurements.

And for this, eCommerce analytic tools that can utilize data from your website will be helpful for measuring business success.

Based on the metric you want to optimize, you can choose from the common KPIs to indicate your business health.

Some typical KPIs include:

  • Revenue per visitor, which is your total revenue divided by the number of website visitors,
  • Average conversion rate, which is a measure of how many potential prospects you convert into actual customers, and
  • Average order value, which is the amount customers who place an order on your eCommerce site spend.

eCommerce software promotes optimization for the KPI specific to your business.

As a result, you can get a deeper understanding of your target customers.

You can also tailor your services based on customer behavior detected by your eCommerce analytic tools.

This lets you fulfill your customers’ desires and improve satisfaction and loyalty.

Additionally, you can use analytics to increase your conversion rates and enhance customer engagement.

9. Influencer Marketing Platform

influencer marketing idea for micro saas

Influencer marketing is the new word of mouth for the digital era and an effective way to attract customers.

In fact, approximately 78% of marketers find influencer marketing effective.

It makes sense. After all, with the flood of content in the creator economy, consumers look to trusted people for product recommendations.

So, why not try a platform that links you to micro-influencers?

Influencer marketing helps you recognize and analyze influencers fit for your brand.

The tools today include campaign management, influencer marketplace, and relationship management.

So, as you connect with influencers, you can also find features that simplify operations management.

Influencer marketing tools come in various categories that fit different needs. You can choose a tool for one of the following:

9.1 Management

The software lets you assign briefs, track progress, analyze results, and manage campaigns.

9.2 Social Listening

You can also track conversations to identify influencers who love your products and services.  

9.3 Identification

Some tools even provide filters and engagement analytics for many available influencers to simplify identification.

9.4 Outreach

Influencer outreach tools can also personalize your message to increase the response rate. You can also combine several tools to achieve your business goals.

10. Content Management System

content management system micro saas idea

Content management systems (CMS) stand in the place of the back-end coding of your website.

The beauty of it is that you get to build and manage a website for your business cost-effectively without a developer.

You can also use the available templates to manage your website’s content, data, and information.

Aside from that, your business can create, edit, and publish web pages, articles, events, and blogs through CMS.

You can even edit product or service descriptions, prices, videos, and photos whenever needed.

CMSs also allow you to view valuable statistics about your website. Analysis of the reports can help you identify hitches you need to resolve or areas you need to improve.

You can also create and edit users with different permission and administration levels and integrate your CRM into other business applications, such as CRM and asset management.

The CMS then optimizes your content to be mobile-friendly and perform well on search engines.

As a result, you can broaden your customer appeal and reach and improve sales.


As you welcome 2023, try out the applicable micro-SaaS ideas to enhance business performance.

Also, most of the above categories have different tools and software you can explore.

With the high competition in the SaaS market, you need to consider your unique needs to settle on the ideal tool.

Of course, the best tool is one that best meets your needs without breaking the bank.

Watch the video below for other ideas that are believed to take off in 2023!