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Empire Flippers Review – Assessing the Legitimacy

If you are looking for a vetted broker to help you buy or sell a site, then Empire Flippers should be your go-to option. 

The company launched the website in 2013, and its progress has skyrocketed. It has allowed entrepreneurs to buy online businesses and make huge profits

The company’s latest data shows that it has sold ventures worth more than $400 million. 

The company has received several accolades, including a spot on the list of Inc. 5000 companies.

That said, if you intend to buy or sell a business through Empire Flippers, you must know about its features. 

This Empire Flippers review can help you assess the credibility of this broker. That said, let’s dive right in!

Empire Flippers journey

The Empire Flippers CEO started the company in 2011 with his partner and friend. According to him, in their early stages, they lost a client due to severe problems in their business. 

Their staff was facing the consequences of these changes. So they decided to start an initiative that could help them sustain their employees. 

They created an outsourcing platform where they would sell websites they had created.

Along with that, they also created a blog where they would write about everyday progress. As the blog gained traffic, people got to know about the platform. 

They wanted to collaborate with the founders and put up their sites for sale. 

It was the moment when the creators decided to open their platform to the public. Yet, they had humble beginnings.

Each site they put up on the marketplace was worth, at most, $3000.

As their business boomed, they developed several specific functional and capabilities teams. These helped them manage the cascade of orders they received as sales mediators. 

Over time, their blog and platform gained traction. They started selling businesses worth 7 and 8 figures. 

The company has faced several challenges during each era. The pandemic affected their business, but they pulled through with their efforts.

Making difficult choices and being prepared for the worse has allowed Empire Flippers to become a success story.

How do you use Empire Flippers?

Empire Flippers is a marketplace that helps entrepreneurs reach their business goals. 

You can opt for Empire Flippers if you intend to buy a website, sell it or get the value of your business. 

Their professionals provide quality vetting that assesses the worth of your business. 

These analytics are helpful to your buyers and help their decision-making process. Moreover, you can also display them on your site to showcase the credibility of your business.

Once the entrepreneurs submit the website on the platform, it undergoes automated vetting. 

Experts and professional vetting advisors have set up the system. Thus it helps provide the most reliable assessments.

Along with the systems, the vetting advisers keenly follow a unique process. 

They will pose the essential questions to know about your site and help you find suitable buyers. Your answer will give them details to develop insights into your business. 

There are various ways you can begin with the company. 

You can call customer support and provide them with information on your website. They will proceed with your request after gathering the preliminary data. 

Another way is to go to the company’s website and fill out a short form. The company will send your initial data and website for evaluation. 

If it meets the company’s listing criteria, they will put up your website. In other cases, you will get an email notifying you of the shortcoming of your website.

On the Empire Flippers website, you will notice several sites in the buying section. 

Each listing comes with limited data. You can see the website niche, revenue, profit, and creation date. 

If you intend to access further data, you may have to create an account with the company.

Empire Flippers review – the features

Reliable vetting

Vetting is one of the most attractive features of Empire Flippers. 

The company assesses your business as per the five essential merits during the process. This helps it gather valuable insights on your website. 

The first one is revenue. 

It involves the total sales plus the profits. Revenues are beneficial when buying or selling eCommerce businesses. 

It then accounts for expenses that can vary among different kinds of websites. 

It gathers your traffic sources to help the buyer and market segment demographics. These can help the buyer curate their ads to gain more output.

Amazon integration

Various businesses listed on Empire Flippers belong to the e-commerce field. Most of them are linked with Amazon FBA. 

Amazon hosts your business on such sites, so it holds access to most of your data. 

It also gets commission from your site, which can be challenging to manage for startups. 

Besides, it is complex for third-party platforms to drive out analytics for Amazon FBA sites. So there needs to be a partnership between platforms to ease the flow of information. 

Empire Flippers is a part of the Amazon FBA directory. Thus it fetches analytics and data on your business to put it on the listing.

Active customer support

Empire Flippers relies on its different teams working at the front and backends. It also has mediating groups that can help you reach the concerned professionals within the company. 

When you sign up for a listing, the support sends it to vetting advisors and speeds up the process. 

Moreover, if you sign up as a buyer, they will direct you to potential business opportunities via emails or phone calls.

Harbors to several sites

There are various sites present on the Empire Flippers. These involve the ones belonging to e-commerce, SaaS business, mobile apps, etc. 

Most of the listings belong to content websites, followed by eCommerce sites. So it narrows down the buyer segments and helps potential clients meet each other.

Empire Flippers benefits

Empire Flippers offers many benefits to buyers, sellers, and the associated platforms.

Reliable sellers with accurate site data

Buying websites online can be quite a hassle. There are a lot of factors involved the clients can sometimes conceal. 

These may hurt the buyer in the longer run. Some sellers may display the revenue but hide the expenses. 

As a result, the sellers need help learning the profit margin. It may land them in a deal that causes more loss. 

So, Empire Flippers ensure that you stay away from such scams. The company believes in transparency. 

Hence, they develop protocols to get the information from the seller. The accurate data can help buyers further upscale the website and gain profits.

Moreover, searching and finding sites that match the buyer’s needs is also quite hectic.

Thus, Empire Flippers contain several sites that specialize in various fields. It is a diverse marketplace where buyers can exercise their preferences.

Serious buyers for profitable deals

Coming across potential buyers is a big challenge when selling a website. 

You encounter a lot of scammers and end up wasting your time and energy. 

There are certain places where you can list your business. Usually, their buyer directory seems more appealing.

They may not value your site according to its credentials, and you may lose money in the sale. 

Once the experts at Empire Flippers gather data on your site, they ensure that only concerned buyers can contact you. 

These buyers either prefer the particular niche of your website or have a budget that matches the cost.

Guidance at each step

Empire Flippers accompanies its clients on every step of the journey. 

From the moment you list your business to the time when it gets sold, customer support will be at your site. 

You will receive constant updates about the analytics, the buyers, or potential changes.

Informative blog posts and data trends

Empire Flippers also aims at educating its audience about the online marketplace and its trends. 

It launches blog posts and podcasts for this purpose. Generally, they talk about profitable websites, ways to increase revenue, and business expansion.

Excellent source of passive income

Empire Flipper’s capital is a way to invest and get continuous passive income. 

This venture helps you use your money and earn profits. The experts use this money in many business models so that the failure of one does not affect your income.

Empire Flippers Review by Comparisons

There are many sites, such as Empire Flippers. 

Over time some of them gained traction and made it to the top. However, none of them remained at the higher ranks. 

They must maintain their workload, please customers, or upgrade their methods. However, fewer sites have come close to Empire Flippers.

Filtering the listing businesses

Empire Flippers only offer listings for some kinds of business. As a result, the firms on the list deal in a particular niche and are legit. 

It provides a platform for content and eCommerce websites. These specifications allow the best websites to make it to the marketplace. 

Other sites like Flippa offer a place for SaaS services, mobile apps, and various other websites. 

So their filtering process is quite lenient. People can upload their sites without any hurdles. 

Hence the chances of scams and low-quality websites being on the marketplace increase.

High-value sites

The platform guarantees profits for buyers and sellers. It puts up sites on sale that earn $500 worth of profits each month. 

All of the sites on the platform are at least $25,000. So these deals can be quite lucrative for both parties.

Some of the listings may even go up to millions of dollars.

Moreover, sites like Flippa put up businesses for auction. 

The greater your bid is, the higher your chance of purchasing the site. Such dealings often start bidding wars that adversely affect a company’s reputation. 

In the case of Empire Flippers, you can view the listing price and put up an offer that can be a little lower. 

If the buyer pre-accepts it, then it remains valid for 24 hours. In this period, if another buyer provides a better offer, it replaces the last one.

Commission rates

Empire Flippers have a slightly higher commission rate than Flippa and other sites. 

On a sale of $70,000 or lower, the rate is 10%. 

However, as the value of your business increases, the commission rate also drops. They reach 2.5% on $5,000,000 or higher values.

You can also use the commission calculator on the company’s website to get the total cost.

How to list a business?

Here are the steps to list a website on Empire Flippers.

Step 1: Site submission

You must contact the company representative to submit your site on Empire Flippers. You can do so through a call or their website. 

Once you place the request, they inquire about the basic information of your business.

The company requires details on monetization, niche, total revenue, profits, website address, etc.

There used to be a listing fee a few years back. However, now you can list your business without any charges.

Once you complete the step, the customer representative will generate a ticket for your request. 

They will notify you about the proceedings of your request through that ticket.

Step 2: Vetting

The vetting process is quite crucial for your site listing. 

The vetting advisors and experts track your sites and gather data to help assess their credibility.

The company may also ask you to provide them with a sum of profits and losses. You might have to do this through a form. 

They may also ask you to grant them access to Google Analytics and your affiliated Amazon profiles.

You must provide them with the data for the last 12 months. 

However, they get the revenue, expenses, and sales stats and then calculate them according to 12 months.

These numbers help the company find out the total value of your website. It is the same amount that they display on the listing.

Step 3: Listing

The listing begins at 10 AM sharp US time on Monday. As a first-time seller, you must remain active throughout the day if a request arrives. 

Moreover, the company can contact you for further information. So, you must be available. 

If you get a Google Analytics request, you need to accept it because these are potential buyer requests.

 The status on your ticket will change, and you will notice the active listing phrase on it.

Step 4: Post-purchase

You must proceed with the next step once you have found the buyer for your site. 

These involve a combination of migration, hosting, and domain transfer. 

The status on your ticket changes, and it says migration. Empire Flippers, you, and the potential buyer are on this ticket.

The buyer has to create a hosting account and provide access to the company. You must also grant your account access to the company. 

The company will carry out the migration process. But, if you have the time and expertise, you can perform it too.

How to buy a site

When you go to the Empire Flippers site, you see several listings on the homepage. 

However, you can’t access them. You must register an account with the company to proceed.

Afterward, you must pay a small fee to unlock the URL and see the rest of the details. 

You must also request access to Google Analytics to read the site’s progress over the last year. 

You can also analyze the profit and loss statements to get to a decision. When done, you must place an offer near the original price. 

The company will carry out migration and domain transfer if the seller agrees. Afterward, you will have to release the total sum.

Pros of Empire Flippers

  • Instant sales
  • Reliable vetting
  • Locked URLs
  • Highly profitable sales
  • Serious buyers
  • No scams
  • Carries out site transfers
  • Carefully proceeds with the payments
  • Associates buyers and sellers
  • Emails about new offers
  • Provides multiple buying offers
  • Hides Google Analytics results
  • Amazon integration
  • Efficient customer support

Cons of Empire Flippers

  • High commission fee for low-valued businesses
  • Prefers a selective niche website


Empire Flippers review can help you to decide whether you want to buy an online business through it or not. 

You can find many investment opportunities on this site. You can also build a passive income by putting extra bucks into your capital. 

Moreover, it also builds your knowledge and helps you seek better business ventures. 

This attitude can help you succeed as an entrepreneur. Even if you are not a buyer or seller, visit the site now to learn more.