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23 Best Chrome Extensions for Amazon Sellers You Should Know About 

Using Chrome extensions for Amazon sellers can be a game changer. 

Selling on Amazon necessitates proficiency and efficiency in many aspects of running this type of business. You have to research and source products and calculate estimated sales velocity and monthly revenue. You must also complete your own due diligence on any item you want to sell before you even see a dime.

This article will review several of the most popular Amazon Chrome extensions you might want to install on your browser. 

We’ll discuss the benefits you get from using them, their essential features, which are free tools, and which ones you have to pay for.

Our list of best Chrome extensions for Amazon Sellers 

1) Amazon Assistant for Chrome

Amazon Assistant for Chrome is really an extension for buyers, but any Amazon seller can benefit hugely from it.

You can compare costs between products, discover new products, monitor daily discounts, and browse other trending items.

Explore merchant websites as usual. Let Amazon Assistant run, and it will alert you of any potential Amazon product matches.

You’ll also find new discounts every day, unique offers, and tailored recommendations.

Pricing: Free. However, you do need an Amazon account to use this Chrome extension.

2) Amazon Keyword Tool by SellerApp

Top Amazon sellers worldwide use the Amazon keyword tool by Seller App.

Amazon auto-suggested keywords that this keyword suggestion tool generates can be used to optimize your product listing.

You can create hundreds of relevant keywords with one click. Even better, the app is constantly updated. 

Pricing: Free

3) Amazon KW Index and Rank Checker

Amazon sellers are continually looking for keyword ranking tools.

The good news is that AMZDataStudio’s free Amazon KW Index and Rank Checker tool is arguably the most accurate Amazon FBA tool for keyword research.

With this tool, you can check your Amazon “Merchant Words” and “Backend Keywords” indexing and ranking position in seconds!

You can also discover which search terms Amazon does not consider relevant. This allows you to find the best keywords for Your Amazon Listing based on relevancy, ranking, and exact search volume.

Furthermore, it’s possible to determine the current position of any keyword and verify its indexation for any ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number).

Not only that, but you can also get the exact and broad monthly search volume for any Amazon keyword. Lastly, you can create a marketing strategy based on your demographic data.

Pricing: This is another excellent free Chrome extension.

4) Amazon Publisher Studio Extension Beta

Amazon Publisher Studio Extension Beta is the official Amazon Chrome extension.

Amazon associates can directly add links to Amazon products from your blog or content management systems.

This eliminates the requirement to visit Associates Central to get affiliate links. 

Pricing: Free

5) AMZ Seller Browser

If you sell on Amazon, AMZ Seller Browser is a vital tool that will save you time and speed up your comprehensive product research. And it’s compatible with any Amazon marketplace.

AMZ Seller Browser is one of the Internet’s most popular Amazon price monitors and trackers.

Pricing: Free

6) AMZScout Pro – Amazon Product Finder

It can be time-consuming and super tedious to conduct product research. However, the AMZScout Pro Chrome extension makes it easier and more fun. AMZScout can assist you in finding a profitable niche on the site. 

With the assistance of this tool, you may select products that you can sell and profit from on Amazon. 

Pricing: Starts at $45.99/month. Check it out for free using the Chrome extension. If you want its advanced features, sign up with AMZScout. 

7) AMZ Prime Filter

Are you bored of repeatedly reading through Amazon search results while looking for fantastic product opportunities, only to come across hundreds of highly competitive products you’re not interested in?

AMZ Prime Filter excludes Prime goods entirely. This means that the totally irrelevant products don’t appear in your search results.

The extension goes even further, allowing you to exclude products that any seller is fulfilling through Prime.

Pricing: Free trial is possible.

8) The Camelizer

The Camelizer by camelcamelcamel is a Chrome extension that works similarly to Keepa.

It displays price graphs on each product page you visit after activating the add-on. 

Moreover, you can quickly set up your own watches on a specific product. This extension will notify you when the price of that product changes. 

Pricing: This software is free and does not require any in-app purchases.

9) Data Scraper

Data Scraper Chrome Extension collects data from HTML web pages and inserts them into Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.

You can extract lists and tables from any page and upload them to Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel. 

You can convert even the most popular websites to .csv (comma-separated values) with a single click using one of the available extraction methods.

Pricing: You can try Data Scraper for free; it’ll let you scrape 500 pages/month. Subscription then starts at $19.99/month.

10) DS Amazon Quick View

DS Amazon Quick View could actually be the best Amazon Chrome extension for productivity. 

Hovering over the product images provides instant access to a wealth of extra product information, including Amazon ranking data and seller information.

This Amazon Chrome extension is ideal for getting plenty of information from the search results page without clicking on each product.

It saves time and allows you to review many different products more quickly.

Pricing: There’s no charge for the DS Amazon Quick View extension, so give it a shot! It’s pretty good for a free tool.

11) Amazon FBA Calculator by AMZScout

The FBA Calculator by AMZScout is one of the best Chrome Extensions for Amazon sellers.

It’s a free tool that displays Amazon fees, sales margins, revenue, and product net profit.

Since product selection is critical for Amazon FBA sellers, the AMZScout Amazon FBA Calculator can guarantee that the things you want to sell have the profit margins you need to expand your business.

The FBA Calculator is a fantastic way to evaluate both expenses and profits because it will show you:

  • Monthly storage charges – fulfillment charges
  • Shipping costs
  • Fee for referral (Amazon commission)
  • Total FBA charges
  • Earnings per unit
  • Return on investment – net margin (ROI)
  • Monthly profit estimate

Pricing: Free

12) FBA Calculator by SellerApp

You can run a profit analysis using the SellerApp web app FBA calculator to see whether the item you wish to sell on Amazon is worthwhile or not. 

To use it, find an Amazon product first. Open the Chrome extension and enter the price, production costs, shipment costs, etc. The tool will then display a financial calculation.

Pricing: Try the tool for free first. If you like it, pricing starts at $39/month.

13) Helium 10

Helium 10 is unquestionably the most comprehensive Amazon Chrome Extension.

You can use a profit calculator, spy on your rivals, examine sales data, and more. 

Helium 10 also just added a few new features:

  • Use XRay to discover trustworthy suppliers directly on Alibaba 
  • Explore Alibaba and assess the demand for products on Amazon 
  • Cerebro (a keyword tool) is now integrated within XRay 
  • Product research
  • Keyword tracking and listing
  • Building and optimizing product listings
  • Competitor analysis

Pricing: Sign up for free. You can then subscribe at $39/month.

14) Huge Amazon Search Suggestion Expander

Huge Amazon Search Suggestion Expander makes your Amazon keyword research simpler and faster for FBA products and KDP book niches. It’s the best expander for Amazon search suggestions. 

You can download all the keywords as an excel sheet, thus saving you from having to write them down one at a time.

You can also use it for your Google SEO study or to develop a keyword ad campaign.

Pricing: Free

15) Jungle Scout

The Jungle Scout Chrome extension is extremely popular, and among Amazon sellers, it’s considered one of the best Amazon Chrome extensions. 

Real-time sales data, and Amazon keyword research, including revenue, product rank, seller ranking, and more, can be outlined with Jungle Scout.

You can access sales velocities, historical sales data, and keyword analytics without leaving Amazon.

The Jungle Scout Chrome extension has a handy interface that allows you to quickly and easily access the data you’re looking for. 

Pricing: Starts at $29/month. 

16) Keepa

Keepa is a Chrome extension that offers various services, such as importing a wish list and real-time price comparisons between Amazon’s international prices. 

You can customize it to get alerts for price changes and detailed price history charts. Keepa is also ideal for evaluating Amazon product pricing trends.

Pricing: Its free plan is great and has plenty of features. But, if you want to upgrade to Keepa’s monthly subscription, it will cost you $99/month).

17) META SEO Inspector

META SEO Inspector is another tool to help you improve your listing’s SEO.

It lets you access a wealth of information about an Amazon product page and alerts you when the metadata falls outside certain ranges.

You can also optimize your content by seeing which keywords to use.  

In addition, you can use the Meta SEO Inspector to check your competitors’ listings.

It’s an excellent start if you want to learn why your competitors perform better than you.

Pricing: Free

18) MozBar

Whenever you examine any page or SERP, the MozBar extension provides you with immediate metrics. 

You can take advantage of its features to improve your Amazon business. In fact, it lets you determine how many backlinks your Amazon competitors have, thus helping you create more aligned marketing strategies.

Pricing: Free

19) Seller Assistant App

The Seller Assistant App Chrome extension integrates the FBA Calculator, IP Alerts, Quick View, and Stock Checker into a single utility. 

Its powerful analytics lets you quickly locate High-Profitable Products and save the results in just one click.

Pricing: The extension offers a free trial for 14 days. But to get the full benefits of the Seller Assistant App, subscribe to their plans starting at $15/month

20) Sellerboard Amazon FBA Profit Calculator

The sellerboard FBA Profit Calculator is another Chrome extension that helps Amazon sellers- research the products they want to sell.

Apart from displaying estimates of Amazon fees on the product detail page, it lets you see what your overall profitability is.

The tool determines your potential profit per day and month by estimating a product’s daily and monthly sales. Simply enter the purchase price, and the Chrome extension software will take care of the rest.

Pricing: One-month free trial, then pricing starts at $19/month.

21) Unicorn Smasher Pro

With Unicorn Smasher Chrome extension, you can evaluate prices, reviews, comments, ratings, predicted sales, Amazon Best Sales Rank (BSR), and more.

This is one of the most popular Chrome extensions and a must-have if you want to start an FBA business.

Pricing: Starts at $49.99 for a lifetime purchase.

22) Viral Launch Market Intelligence

The Viral Launch Market Intelligence Google Chrome extension will interest you if you want comprehensive Amazon analytical data. 

This market research tool is especially helpful for finding profitable products already offered on the Amazon platform.

Users can also view pricing history, past sales, revenue information, and other valuable features.

Pricing: Starts at $69/month.

23) Extensity

Extensity google chrome extension for amazon sellers

Extensity isn’t a Chrome extension for Amazon sellers. However, it’s one of the best tools to easily enable and disable Google Chrome extensions.

All you need to do is enable the extension when you want to use it and disable it when you want to remove it temporarily. 

Pricing: Extensity is open-source software and free to use.

What are the benefits of using Chrome extensions for Amazon sellers?

You can maximize your efficiency and productivity using the various Amazon seller Chrome extensions to optimize product research and keyword analysis.

You can even implement best practices for charge structuring, sales forecasting, and competitor research. 

With the help of these valuable tools from the Chrome web store, expanding your Amazon business has never been simpler.

Final thoughts on Chrome extensions for Amazon sellers

The most affordable tools at an Amazon seller’s disposal are Chrome extensions. 

Given that most Chrome extensions are free, the tools mentioned above can quickly become valuable components of your seller toolset and help you save hours of labor every week.