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5 Best Startup Studios for Idea Stage Startups

If you’re one of those startup founders and entrepreneurs needing help bringing your idea to life, go to a startup studio.

The people behind a startup studio will be there for you from the get-go.

They will not only acknowledge your startup idea. They will also help you develop it and hold your hand throughout the ideation stage.

The question is: which startup studio can help you best?

In this article, you will find out. 

Aside from facts about each startup studio, it discusses startups it helped set up and grow. 

From here, you can make an informed decision as to which studio to go to with your idea.

1. Symalite Labs

Five Startup Studios For Idea Stage Startups - Symalite Labs
  • Year founded: 2018
  • Founder: Jamiu Oloyede

Symalite Labs is both a startup studio and a micro-private equity company.

Since 2018, it has focused on venture building and values.

It develops ideas into products and transforms them into companies.

Here are some facts about Symalite Labs:

  • Apart from helping build and acquire startups, it’s on a ten-year mission to facilitate, scale, and fund 100 market-leading companies.
  • It focuses on micro-private equity.
  • It acquires and invests in revenue-generating businesses in 30 days (or less).
  • It allows people to buy already-made extensions for Chrome.

It’s one of the best startup studios to approach if you’re a small business or if you share its interests. 

Its interests include Chrome extensions, Software as a Service (SaaS), newsletters, artificial intelligence (AI), niche websites, and productized services.

Notable companies Symalite Labs has helped.

1. Chatsilo

It’s a mini version of Facebook Messenger Customer Relationship Management.

Its goal is to help with lead nurturing on Facebook Messenger, project management, relationship-building, and other relevant aspects.

2. Group Leads

It helps convert members of a Facebook group to leads with email marketing software. As a result, it saves time and money.

2. eFounders

5 Best Startup Studios For Idea Stage Startups - eFounders
  • Founders: Thibaud Elziere and Quentin Nickmans
  • Headquarters: Berlin, New York, Paris, and San Francisco

eFounders is a product-focused venture studio.

It builds enterprise software ventures and launches unique and inventive businesses.

From day 1, the startup studio focused on becoming “the future of work.”

Here are some facts about eFounders:

  • It chooses its portfolio companies with a strategy and meets with hundreds of entrepreneurial talent and serial entrepreneurs monthly.
  • The studio team assesses aspiring entrepreneurs for fit and skills, idea fit, ownership, and entrepreneurial mindset.
  • Before anything else, it validates a business idea. And when it checks out, it’s when the studio team introduces an entrepreneur to financial professionals.

It’s one of the best startup studios today because it introduces radical working methods.

What makes it great for early-stage startups? The studio acknowledges all ideas — even the unconventional ones.

With the help of a brilliant team of experts (with specializations in marketing, product development, and more), it gets jobs done… and startups launched.

Notable companies eFounders has helped.

1. Mention

The company markets a social listening tool and a centralized platform. It offers social media management, online monitoring, and analytics.

Mention received G2’s High Performer Award in Summer 2022 for getting more than 400 reviews on G2.

2. Fleex

Its product is an online learning platform. It offers English language learning facilitated by subtitles, contextual dictionaries, vocabulary lists, and low-speed audio and videos.

3. Nobody Studios

The Best Startup Studios For Idea Stage Startups - Nobody Studios
  • Year founded: 2020
  • Founder: Mark S. McNally
  • Headquarters: Laguna Beach

Nobody Studios is a promising venture builder.

It’s all about creating value and forming a human connection.

Everyone in the startup world appreciates founders with a fiery passion, and the founder of this startup studio has it.

As a high-velocity startup studio, it can be challenging to keep up with at times. Yet it aims to disrupt the business creation process.

It combines the powers of entrepreneurs, investors, and creative talent to facilitate its operations.

Here are some facts about Nobody Studios:

  • Its business model aims to bridge gaps between the public, entrepreneurs, investors, and creative and technical talent.
  • It leverages crowd-sourcing to guide it throughout the entrepreneurial process — from the ideation stage to scaling.
  • It has a definitive goal. It wants to form 100 companies and build new businesses in five years.
  • It’s behind a revolutionary process that will supercharge business creation and gain a much higher velocity.
  • You’ll find a list of new company ideas on its portfolio page that await complete branding, website construction, and more.

It’s the startup studio for you if you’re as ambitious as the studio team.

If you believe in your abilities and want to partner with a group that works fast, then approach Nobody Studios.

Notable companies that Nobody Studios has helped

1. Espionage.biz

It capitalizes on providing people with a competitive advantage. It offers services like automation, ongoing surveillance, and prospect intelligence.

2. Prehab Life

It centers on deploying a specialized team that assists motivated individuals.

The goal is to help people identify performance goals and learn doable ways to achieve them.

4. Idealab Studio

  • Year founded: 1996
  • Founder: Bill Gross
  • Headquarters: Los Angeles

Idealab Studio is the brainchild of a serial entrepreneur who transitioned into a parallel entrepreneur.

Compared to the other startup studios and venture builders in this list, it’s one of the old venture studios.

You can trace its startup studio model to Edison Labs — transforming broken opportunities and using technology solutions to get them going. 

Here are some facts about Idealab Studio:

  • Since its inception, it has acknowledged over 5,000 innovative ideas that resulted in the creation of 50 Initial Public Offering (IPOs) and 150 successful companies.
  • It spins out original ideas. And according to its founder, 95% of ideas are his.
  • Often, people credit its founder for inventing Google’s pay-per-click (PPC) business model.
  • One of its earliest successes is a PPC advertising pioneer, Overture. Overture became an IPO in 1999, and Yahoo! acquired it for $1.63 billion in 2003.

That Idealab Studio has been in operation for more than two decades is a testament to its application of conventional wisdom to marketing.

For one, it released a video featuring a compilation of the essential lessons it learned throughout the years.

If you share its values and believe you can fuel your growth with an experienced team, it’s the startup studio for you.

Notable companies Idealab Studio has helped

1. HerPower

A company that helps female entrepreneurs, its mission is to provide operational support for growth-minded women with proven online business models.

2. Launchpad

It accommodates business owners and helps them find like-minded ]entrepreneurs with bold ideas.

The goal is to help new businesses create world-changing companies.

5. Human Ventures

  • Year founded: 2015
  • Founders: Megan O’Connor, Heather Hartnett, and Joe Marchese
  • Headquarters: New York 

Human Ventures has ambitious founders, which is why the startup studio is successful.

Because the three founders have a radical way of thinking, they set forth on a mission to invest in businesses that satisfy human needs.

To allow the public to wrap their heads around the purpose of the startup studio, it takes advantage of its network of founders, corporate partners, and investors.

Here are some facts about Human Ventures:

  • Its trademark is “built on purpose”, providing insight into its goal as a startup studio.
  • It focuses on helping like-minded startup founders and entrepreneurs with ambitious business ideas.
  • Its business model is about creating new businesses that solve everyday pain points.
  • Its core principle involves using highly scalable unit economics and a profound sense of responsibility.

Are you wondering what makes it the best startup studio for you?

If your startup wants to delve into relatable business ideas that answer a common problem, you can use the studio team’s help.

Notable companies that Human Ventures helped

1. Realworld

Its goal is to simplify adulthood. And to inch closer to that goal, it provides a personalized platform to help adults make well-informed decisions about work, family, health, and other essential aspects.

2. WaitWhat

It’s a media invention company. It creates boundary-breaking and lucrative media properties that reshape the cultural landscape.


Not many entrepreneurs and startup founders will admit it, but one of the most challenging areas of driving a startup to success is the beginning.

This is because they may have questions, doubts, and worries at this stage.

If unanswered, these questions can discourage them from moving to the next level.

But, if a startup studio team is there for them, these entrepreneurs can be more confident in their potential.

You can start by approaching one of the five startup studios mentioned above.

Because these five startup studios specialize in helping early-stage startups, you have better odds of attracting them.

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