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Best Reputation Management Software You’ll Ever Need

Looking for the best reputation management software for your local businesses?

With the internet becoming more accessible, it has become a vehicle for irate users who wish to vent their frustrations about anything under the sun.

From a company’s products and services to the customer experience it provides, anyone can now post online reviews about anything that may affect a brand’s reputation.

Fortunately, a lot of online reputation management software can help.

We developed this list of available brand reputation software to help you make an informed decision.

17 Best Reputation Management Software Platforms

1. BrightLocal

Primarily a local search engine optimization (SEO) tool, BrightLocal is also considered to be in the online reputation management category because of its review monitoring features.

As an online reputation management software, it gives large and small businesses a bird’s-eye perspective of their marketing efforts.

You may look up and keep tabs on online reviews and integrate the reputation management tool with social media sites to make managing online reviews easier.

Its all-in-one package starts at $29 per month.

2. Reputation

eputation is a reputation management tool that facilitates customer feedback collection, response, and management across many channels.
By centralizing review management, business listing management, and social media monitoring, the reputation management platform provides users with a comprehensive picture of their online brand reputation to better serve their customers.
Reputation as a management software allows professionals to quickly collect client feedback and address negative reviews.
Aside from that, it lets managers check for and claim their business listings on maps, directories, and search engines to guarantee consistent information wherever it appears. This makes it especially helpful to multi-location businesses.
You can integrate Reputation with other services, such as CitySquares, Facebook, and DemandForce.
However, note that the website doesn’t provide any information regarding its pricing.

3. NiceJob


Online review management is now easier with NiceJob, a cloud-based reputation management software.

Its key features include review monitoring, online review management, and social media integration.

By automating the reputation management process, NiceJob helps you grow your business by leveraging all online reviews across all your marketing channels.

You can get real-time alerts about any negative feedback or positive reviews that might affect your brand reputation.

It also uses a review funnel to disperse reviews among many websites. It lets you connect with programs such as FieldPulse, Zendesk, Quickbooks, Zapier, and Housecall Pro.

Claiming to be the easiest way to get more positive online reviews, NiceJob’s pricing starts with a 14-day free trial.

4. Brand24


Tracking your competition is now easier with Brand24.

One of the best reputation management companies, Brand24 is perfect for enterprises of all sizes—even small businesses.

With this review monitoring tool, PR pros can keep watch of their brand reputation and refine their reputation management strategy if necessary.

It provides various features to help you assess your proprietary reputation score and current online image.

More than that, the reputation management software has social listening features that let you track industry trends and competitor analysis.

You can also monitor customer satisfaction ratings and any mentions of your brand online that may reveal a more detailed sentiment analysis.

Pricing for the reputation management software platform starts at $39 per month, billed yearly.

5. Grade.us

An end-to-end reputation management solution, Grade.us lets you organize campaigns and gather feedback from various social media platforms and review sites.

Its review management and social media monitoring features make it the perfect choice for overseeing the entire response management process. This way, you can build a business using the power of online reviews.

Reputation management software is a valuable tool for every entrepreneur—from owners of small local businesses to large digital marketing agencies.

Pricing for Grade.us is available in four plans: Solo, Professional, Agency, and Partner.

The Solo plan costs $110 per seat per month, while the Professional plan is $180 per month for three seats.

On the other hand, the Agency plan costs $400 per month for ten seats. Meanwhile, the Partner package costs $2,500 for 100 seats.

6. NetReputation

NetReputation offers customers online reputation management tools that help them leverage the most recent innovations in both technology and business practices.

It uses various strategies to help organizations and people build an excellent brand reputation.

Rated the best reputation management platform in 2021, NetReputation offers a free consultation for teams who wish to improve customer satisfaction.

You can take part in the company’s free consultation first to get an idea of how much investment you’ll need to avail of its reputation management services.

7. Birdeye


When it comes to monitoring both positive and negative reviews from customers, Birdeye is unrivaled.

With Birdeye’s centralized platform, businesses can quickly build customer relationships, manage reviews, and oversee their online reputation.

This reputation management software makes social media and response management much more straightforward.

Using local listings, reviews, webchat, text, social media messaging, and benchmarking tools, Birdeye helps over 90,000 companies and brands enhance their online visibility, customer engagement, and service.

BirdEye customizes its pricing plans based on the review management services you need.

8. Podium

When it comes to online reputation management, businesses must be proactive to protect their good name.

To that end, Podium is a robust review management software that helps businesses monitor and manage their online reputation.

The software comprehensively monitors online reviews and social media mentions, as well as automated alerts that notify businesses of any harmful activity.

In addition, this reputation management software offers a suite of tools to help businesses respond quickly and effectively to negative reviews.

With this review management software, businesses can take control of their online reputation and protect their good name.

As an online reputation software, it has won awards for its effectiveness in boosting local companies’ internet visibility, lead conversion, and client retention.

The all-in-one inbox this reputation management solution offers has also been instrumental in the success of over 100,000 enterprises.

Pricing for the Podium review collection and social media management tool starts at $289 per month.

9. Sprout Social

If your company invests in social media presence, you should look at Sprout Social.

It’s a cloud-based service that helps companies of all sizes handle their audience interactions, negative reviews, and marketing processes.

Key features include social listening, sentiment analysis, social content management, discussion monitoring, and automatic posting.

The solution’s “Smart Inbox” integrates messages from many social media platforms into a single inbox.

Users can better organize their interactions by converting communications into tasks, delegating those tasks to particular individuals, and facilitating team collaboration on those tasks.

When using Sprout Social, you can automate the publication of your social media material by scheduling posts in advance and then approving them before they go live using the tool’s content approval features.

Users can keep tabs on how their brand is doing throughout social media thanks to Sprout Social’s reporting and analytics features.

The social media monitoring solution services available include access to a help center, a knowledge base, and phone assistance. A monthly subscription for Sprout Social starts at $249 per month.

10. Swell

Swell simplifies the process of gathering customer feedback for dental and medical practices so that they may better serve their clients.

The review management software makes it easy for the industry to collect real-time patient feedback, including online reviews, customer satisfaction surveys, and more.

This lets you reach your patients when and where it’s most practical for them.

Pricing for Swell’s reputation management software depends on the number of locations you may have.

11. LocalClarity

LocalClarity is a platform for managing reviews that are hosted in the cloud. It is for enterprises that have many locations.

With it, you can enhance local search traffic and acquire insights into consumer feedback patterns.

Uncovering underperforming locations and finding unique best practices are now more straightforward with its entire array of tools, too.

Plans for this reputation management platform start at $10 per location.

12. Chekkit

Any local business may benefit from Chekkit’s cloud-based reputation management capabilities.

Its most notable functions include campaign management, response management, review management, and sentiment analysis.

More than a review management tool, it lets you facilitate customer communication, monitor internal company processes, and respond to negative feedback.

You’ll be surprised to know that it provides a seamless way to collect payments.

You can try it for free for 14 days. After that, Chekkit’s subscription starts at $99.

13. Trustpilot

Trustpilot is a leading reputation management platform for monitoring reviews.

Its features allow you to incorporate consumer feedback into online channels, thereby managing customer reviews and improving the effectiveness of your marketing and sales efforts.

With Trustpilot, review collection, sentiment analysis, and customer experience management do not have to be complicated.

Subscription for Trustpilot starts at $225 per domain.

14. Mention

Mention is one of the reputation management platforms that lets you keep tabs on your target demographic and analyze your social media marketing efforts.

One of its features includes allowing experts to scour search engines for mentions of your brand or product in user-generated content (UGC) like blogs, forums, and online review sites.

You can also schedule and publish posts on your chosen social media platform and get tailored material based on consumer behavior patterns.

Aside from that, it allows users to export reports and mentions in various formats and to classify audience sentiment as favorable, unfavorable, or neutral.

Mention makes connecting to other services like Twitter, Slack, Instagram, Facebook, Zapier, and Buffer easier.

This is one of the most affordable reputation management platforms, as subscription starts at $41 per month.

15. Chatmeter

Retail, auto, health, finance, real estate, and hospitality are some industries that could benefit from Chatmeter, a local listing software, and social media marketing platform.

Companies may use it to simplify many different operations, including generating localized listings, analyzing customer reviews, and maintaining SEO rankings.

Using Chatmeter, your team can easily coordinate their social media efforts and publish material simultaneously or at staggered times on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Google.

You can also use its NLP tools to analyze customer feedback and sentiment to gauge how happy your clients are with the service they receive.

In addition, managers may have all the social media accounts their teams use to reply to positive and negative comments, posts, hashtags, and consumer questions instantly.

Chatmeter’s website doesn’t mention pricing.

16. InternetReputation.com


InternetReputation.com considers every facet of your online reputation and integrates many marketing strategies, including content removal and local SEO.

Because the platform is exclusive, it can customize each solution to meet each client’s requirements.

In addition, it swiftly, reliably, and effectively removes any potential risk to your business reputation.

Its reputation monitoring and repair solutions are designed to provide you with results promptly.

Just note that there was no mention of pricing on its website. Still, you can get a free analysis for your business.

17. Mentionlytics


A website and social media monitoring software, Mentionlytics aids businesses of all sizes and even individuals such as musicians, actors, and politicians.

With it, you can compile reports detailing UGC related to your brands across social media platforms.

It also has social intelligence features that give you more intelligent insights and personalized advice for improving your online presence.

You can even track major review sites and manage reviews using this software.

Subscription to Mentionlytics starts at $49 per month.

How to Choose the Best Reputation Management Software

It’s more important than ever to manage your company’s online reputation. A single negative review can damage your business credibility and cost you customers.

To that end, choosing the best reputation management software is the key to success.

Here’s a list of variables that will make it simpler for you to choose the best one.

1. User-friendliness

Your chosen program needs to have a straightforward interface. This way, you can easily incorporate it into the system you already have.

Steer clear of those needing installations at your location or are challenging to integrate with the tools and systems you are currently paying for.

2. Mention monitoring

A mention monitoring system is an essential component of the reputation management software you select, particularly if you want to ensure that you are aware of any critical information or references made to your company.

This will let you trace each mention of your brand or product and get the vital information you need to formulate strategies for competitive marketing.

3. Industry niche

All companies have distinct demands. A small restaurant, for example, will not have the same resources or requirements as a SaaS startup.

Neither will a network of franchisees have the exact requirements of a Fortune 500 eCommerce firm.

It would help if you chose software tailored to your company’s size and your sector’s specific needs to get the best possible outcomes.

4. Review responding

Check that the software you use to handle reviews allows you to reply to feedback swiftly.

It’s the most straightforward method for connecting with clients and understanding how they evaluate your brand and your product or service.

5. Business size

Your business size is essential when choosing the best reputation management software.

It allows you to cater to all requirements in all dimensions and departments of your business.

A smaller business may work without reputation management software, with fewer reviews to respond to.

However, if your business expands to a larger audience, it is pertinent to choose management software that covers you in all areas.

6. Social monitoring

Pick an excellent management software for your online reputation that allows you to keep an eye on social media. This is necessary to comprehend your consumer’s perspective.

7. Review monitoring

Review monitoring is a function that is included in every piece of reputation management software.

Nevertheless, how different tools enable you to monitor reviews differentiates an effective product from an ineffective one.

You have to be able to monitor reviews from across all websites and get notifications in real-time for each new piece of feedback.

By doing so, you will be able to monitor the feedback provided by your customers more effectively.

It will also help you lessen the likelihood of missing out on any evaluations, whether they are favorable or harmful.

How Does Reputation Management Software Work?

Online Reputation Management, or ORM for short, refers to software that employs technology to monitor social media platforms and review websites in search of mentions of companies in posts or reviews.

When it comes across new reviews, it sends a notification to the company’s owner by email or text message.

Most services provide a centralized dashboard via which users may read feedback and reply to comments without leaving the program.

There is software that allows you to keep tabs on phrases, keywords, and even your competitors.

In addition, you may enhance the number of reviews you gather by using reputation marketing solutions that contact new customers and ask for a review.

Business owners can get customer insights and take action to mitigate reputational risks.

It helps in the following areas:

1. Gaining an advantage over your competitors

Having an advantage over your competitors might make all the difference regarding your company’s reputation.

Software for managing your business reputation is an absolute need for every organization that pursues the goal of gaining a competitive advantage in the market.

If you ignore and carefully plan your brand awareness and monitoring efforts, your company risks losing in the sea of competitors.

2. Increasing profits and market shares

The use of reputation management software has been explicitly credited by thousands of businesses all over the globe with contributing directly to their improved earnings and market share.

Following the installation of reputation management systems, some companies have reported an increase in earnings of up to sixty percent.

3. Increasing familiarity with the brand

The key to successfully managing your online reputation is to get your name out there in the most favorable light.

When it comes to their online identity and brand problem, many businesses are unaware of their condition unless they deploy tracking and monitoring tools.

You may lose customers because of a lack of knowledge or an unfavorable attitude about your company.

4. Meeting marketing goals

Not only do reputation management services prevent unfavorable reviews and monitoring mentions, but they also monitor mentions.

Many come equipped with capabilities that may assist in driving your internet marketing goals and impact the outcomes.

They will assist you in establishing contact with prospective customers and possible influencers who can speak on behalf of your business.

How Much Is Reputation Management Software Worth?

Companies that provide reputation management software often base their prices on the number of users, seats, or locations.

Plans for recurring subscriptions, whether monthly or annually, sometimes come in many levels, with higher-priced tiers offering access to more services.

Final Thoughts on the Best Reputation Management Software

When selecting reputation management software for your company, you need to exercise an unusually high degree of caution since reputation management is now one of the most pressing business concerns.

You need to have a crystal clear picture of your organization’s needs, the obstacles you are up against, and the objectives you want to accomplish with the help of your reputation software.

After doing so, compare these tools with the list above and choose the one that will work best for your company.