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9 Best Google Meet Chrome Extensions for You and Your Team

Google Meet has become a popular collaboration tool that connects people through video conferencing. However, it can sometimes be lacking, which might increase your need for Google Meet extensions.

Still, in a sea of available options, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the number of extensions that promise to improve your Google Meet sessions.

Lucky for you, in this post, we’ll cover the best Google Meet extensions for you and your team.

Can your team benefit from using a Google Meet Chrome extension?

Yes, absolutely!

If your team is a super fan of holding Google Meet meetings, you might already be familiar with its push-to-talk capabilities, visual effects, and auto-join feature.

Despite that, you might already be aware of a few of its shortcomings, such as the absence of a dark mode and the inability to auto-admit external guests.

With a Google Meet extension, however, you get different functionalities that meet your needs. So, downloading Google Meet extensions from the Chrome Web Store can aid you if you’re looking for new features or want to make your meetings much smoother.

9 of the Best Google Meet Extensions

Google Meet Extensions for Efficient Meetings

1. Google Meet Enhancement Suite

Best Google Meet Chrome Extensions

The Google Meet Enhancement Suite is a top-notch extension you can install on your Google Chrome web browser for the best video conferencing experience.

With the regular updates that the add-on has, you can rest easy that the tool is equipped with features that will take your Google Meet experience to the next level.

When you pay for Google Meet Enhancement Suite’s premium plan, you can use the “Do Not Disturb” mode.

The mode allows you to mute any sounds of your ongoing meeting. You can also hide pop-ups and comments, letting you focus on your conference.

The Google Chrome extension lets you automatically mute your microphone and turn off your video before joining a meeting.

You can also enable auto-captions if you have trouble keeping up with the conversation.

The Chrome extension allows you to start and end meetings quickly and remove any or all Google Meet participants in tiled or tab format.

One of the features of the Google Meet Enhancement Suite is that it also lets you mirror videos.

With more than 300,000 users, this Google Meet extension has five payment plans: Basic, Single License, Ten Licenses, Fifty Licenses, and Unlimited Licenses. Subscription to Meet Enhancement Suite starts at $2.60 per month, billed yearly.

2. Auto Admit for Google Meet

Best Google Meet Chrome Extensions

One of the most common complaints remote workers and other users have about Google Meet is that it doesn’t have an auto-admit feature for outside guests.

Well, now, you can say goodbye to that when you use Auto Admit for Google Meet.

Easy and nice to use, this extension adds more time for you and your team since it auto-admits join requests from external participants.

It’s a game-changer that you can download from the Chrome Store and use for free.

3. Beyond Meet for Google Meet

Best Google Meet Chrome Extensions

One of the unique Google Meet extensions you can find is Beyond Meet.

The multi-functional add-on’s primary use is to allow you to multitask in an ongoing meeting.

Beyond Meet does this by letting you split windows. This means you can see other participants in your Google Meet breakout rooms while working on your other chores.

The Chrome extension also lets you choose from the different split-window options to suit your needs.

Aside from the split-screen feature, the extension also has AI Emotion Tracking, which lets you monitor the participants’ emotions in real time.

As a result, the host of the Google Meet conference can gauge the meeting’s atmosphere.

Beyond Meet’s monthly subscription starts at $4.99 per month if you want to take advantage of its full benefits.

Google Meet Extensions for Taking Notes, Recordings, and Transcription

4. Tactiq for Google Meet

Best Google Meet Chrome Extensions

One of the best transcription tools you can use to take meeting notes, Tactiq for Google Meet is the perfect add-on to boost your company’s productivity during meetings.

With Tactiq for Google Meet, your and your team’s speech will be converted into a textual form.

As a result, taking notes of important matters during your meeting will no longer be necessary.

Some of its other features include highlighting essential parts of the transcription. You can also save the transcriptions and check them out later.

The extension’s features are available for free. However, if you want to maximize them, Tactiq’s Pro Plan starts at $8 per month, billed annually.

5. Meet Transcript

One of the best Chrome extensions you can use to transcribe Google Meet conferences is Meet Transcript.

The free tool has different features that make taking notes and saving messages easy.

With Meet Transcript, your meeting will be transcribed in real-time.

The transcription can also be saved to a Google Docs file, letting you revisit the conversation without difficulty. 

After you’ve installed the add-on, all you’ll need to do is run and grant it permission.

The tool will then have access to Google Drive, which allows the tool to save transcription directly to the cloud.

6. Meeting Notes for Google Calendar & Meet

You’d need to toggle between different tools to take notes when using Google Meet.

Fortunately, with Meeting Notes for Google Calendar & Meet, you can quickly write notes without opening another tab.

It’s an intuitive Chrome extension that lets you create meeting minutes within the tab. The tool also allows you to write to-do lists without difficulty.

Apart from allowing your meeting participants to collaborate with you in real time, you can also create a shared agenda and keep the history of your meeting notes.

You can even integrate the add-on with Slack, Notion, and Google Calendar.

To top it all off, this extension for Google Meet has both free and paid plans.

Google Meet Extensions For Extra Utilities

7. Google Meet Breakout Rooms

Even with the Google Meet grid view, it can be difficult to divide your Google Meet conference into different divisions. As a result, it’s hard to manage different people and teams.

This is where Google Meet Breakout Rooms come in.

This extension for Google Meet lets you split up the participants of your video conference.

You can sort them into smaller groups and communicate with them separately, even with a Google Meet grid view.

As a result, communication is more efficient, and any disturbance from other groups is eliminated.

The extension is completely free, but only teachers are required to install it.

8. Reactions for Google Meet

What’s life without a bit of whimsy, right?

Not all your Google Meet video calls will always have to be serious.

You or your participants may want to send messages with emojis.

Unfortunately, Google Meet doesn’t have that feature. But with Chrome extensions such as Reactions for Google Meet, you can now have fun sending emojis to other meeting attendees.

Just note that while you can use it for free, both the presenter and the attendees need to download the extension.

9. Google Meet Volume Control

It can be challenging to focus on your meeting if there’s too much noise. It’s even harder if the noise comes from one or more of your participants.

With Google Meet Volume Control, you’ll have a tool that plays a single role efficiently.

In addition to letting you adjust the volume of your Google Meet call, you can also mute, unmute, and adjust the volume of the other participants.

Feel free to use the extension for free.

Final thoughts on Google Meet Chrome extensions

Thanks to Google Meet, you and your team can have a productive meeting.

But if you want to upgrade your conferencing experience, Google Meet Chrome extensions may be the solution.

Feel free to start by choosing from the numerous Google Meet add-ons we’ve listed above.

Did we miss something? Don’t hesitate to let us know!