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11 Best Books for Affiliate Marketing in 2023

To find the best books for affiliate marketing, we didn’t simply look at different parts of the internet. We also went through each book to ensure its value.

If you are an influencer or a blogger, you can use affiliate marketing to monetize your audience and turn a profit. How to begin is usually the question.

Fortunately, thousands of affiliate marketing books, articles, guides, and videos are available to teach you. Unfortunately, many of them need to be updated or contain knowledge that never worked in the first place.

For that reason, we have listed some of the best books for affiliate marketing to put you in the right direction. Keep reading to find the best sources of information so you can cut through the noise and start making money.

The Best books for affiliate marketing

Here are the best books for affiliate marketing that will help you scale your business and keep growing. The books suit affiliate marketers and managers at beginner and expert levels.

1. Affiliate Marketing Secrets by Chandler Wright

Best Books for Affiliate Marketing - Affiliate Marketing Secrets

Do you want to make an extra salary through affiliate marketing? If so, Affiliate Marketing Secrets by Chandler Wright gives you secrets on how you can start a successful affiliate marketing business and eventually earn passive income.

Chandler Wright believes you can still generate good income online, whether you’re a beginner or an expert. Therefore, his book teaches you how to create a consistent income that motivates you to work anytime from any place.

The book also enlightens readers on how to use affiliate marketing data. For example, it details the procedures, strategies, programs to join, channels to pick, and mistakes to avoid as a beginner.

In addition, Chandler Wright, in his book, helps you understand the benefits of affiliate marketing and how you can begin in the best way possible. Additionally, you can explore the practices of successful affiliate marketers. 

Another helpful piece of information in this book is that it shows the affiliate how to, step bp, go from zero, and become more successful each month. 

Besides, you can also learn how to optimize your content and website to attract clients so you can achieve sustainable income.

However, this book doesn’t require prior knowledge and information about affiliate marketing. It covers valuable tips and trends in the affiliate market, giving you a full image of the marketing industry.

Furthermore, it clarifies why affiliate marketing is the best and which trending business model is best to start with. For that reason, the book can be your starting point, especially if you are a beginner.


  • Basics are easy to implement
  • Features optimization strategies
  • Powerful scaling techniques
  • Different types of channels you can join
  • Cycles of maintaining affiliate marketing


  • Only available in the English version 
  • Some readers may get confused by difficult affiliate marketing words

2. Traffic Secrets by Russell Brunson

Russel Brunson is a top online entrepreneur who started his first online company while studying at Boise State University. One year after completing his university studies, Russel sold products and services worth over a million dollars.

Also, Russel is the co-founder of the most known and fast-growing software company designed for digital marketers, ClickFunnels. Russel and his partner built ClickFunnels using the ideas written by Russel in his book Traffic Secrets.

He is also the author of many business bestsellers like Dotcom Secrets and Expert Secrets.

In his book, Traffic Secrets, Russel talks about how to attract customers by developing an avatar for your customer.

Once you know where the customers are, you can now fill your funnels. At this point, leverage all the platforms in play to achieve a broad customer base. For example, you can focus on social media tools like Closet Tools, Facebook, YouTube, Google and Hook, Story, and Offer elements.

Remember to do growth hacking by creating a hub, a home website where you can place all your best stuff. This is good for people who may want to boost their traffic.

If you do that, you’ll be able to get into the distribution channels of other influencers. However, to be on the safer side, creating a big audience stream is advisable, using affiliates willing to spend their money to promote what you are offering.


  • Availability of audiobooks
  • Inexpensive book
  • Guidance on how to deal with traffic problems
  • Numerous bells and whistles
  • Wide variety of content
  • Guide on how to fill your funnels
  • Information on how to get customers


  • Difficult to buy the course
  • Lots of anecdotes — too many for some readers

3. Affiliate Program Management: An Hour a Day By Evgenii Prussakov

Evgenii Prussakov is among the most influential people in the affiliate marketing world. He revealed the tricks, dos, and don’ts of affiliate marketing in his book An Hour a Day.

This book uncovers what one takes to be effective in affiliate programs. This book is undoubtedly the best choice if you’re looking for methods to evolve your online business. 

Also, if you’re already an affiliate wanting to deal with a marketing program, you can rely on this book for more information.

Apart from that, the book has step-by-step guidance on affiliate marketing and program management. 

Thus, for beginners, this book is an excellent guide to help you understand everything about affiliate marketing. The book also features modern research on launching and managing successful affiliate programs. 

Moreover, the book covers the most common social media tools. These tools work together with widgets, coupons, videos, and social media.

This book is still helpful for affiliate managers who have built in-house programs. This is because it offers knowledge about uncommon practices


  • Guide for those who want to start affiliate marketing 
  • Real case studies
  • Twenty-five promotion ideas
  • Free trials
  • Audiobooks available


  • Some users get confused by audiobooks 
  • It can be time-consuming for some people

4. Affiliate Marketing by Mark Smith

This book only covers proven methodologies of the affiliate market. 

For example, the book covers an essential topic of scams in this market. Also, it covers fraudulent advertisers in the industry. 

Mark Smith came up with the idea of covering the scam subject in affiliate marketing because the market is mainly viewed as quick and easy. 

Unfortunately, this is false, as most affiliate marketing books don’t cover this critical subject. So, Mark Smith revealed how this kind of market operates and the most common and profound terms in affiliate marketing. 

In addition, Mark Smith also talks about how you can create your blog, which is the foundation of success in affiliate marketing.

Apart from that, he uncovers how affiliates can utilize web-based media to support their scales.


  • Reveals the downsides of affiliate marketing
  • Good for beginners
  • Easy to read
  • Short book 
  • Help to understand deep terms in affiliate marketing 
  • Educates readers on how to create blogs
  • Free trials
  • Has audiobooks


  • Tricky words, especially for beginners 
  •  Limited customer reviews about the book

5. From Nothing by Ian Pribyl

Ian Pribyl started involving himself in online business when he was 16. Even at that tender age, Ian recognized these businesses as an excellent way to make money.

At 19, Ian had already been ranked as a super affiliate for different popular companies worldwide. At that time, these big companies created and operated many e-commerce stores with huge monthly revenues. 

Besides that, Ian is also the founder of the famous Free Internet Marketing Project (FIMP). This is where he derived the video that is found in his book.

But that isn’t all. The author also spends most of his spare time adding new and helpful videos to support the affiliate marketing community.

In his book From Nothing, you can find a lot of helpful information on how to start and manage affiliate marketing. For example, he vividly explains the dos and don’ts in this industry. So, if you are a beginner, you can rely on his book to know where to start and how to manage your business correctly.

Furthermore, this book claims that you can start building your affiliate marketing business with less than $100. It’s a great deal, especially considering that an affiliate marketer can make several times that with a proper sales funnel.

Additionally, this book is also for experienced business persons. Within, Ian continues with his mission to help them achieve complete independence in their online business.


  • Helps you to pick a good niche
  • Guides you on how to build a WordPress site
  • Teaches how to keyword research
  • Helps you how to write quality content
  • Shows you how to promote your website
  • Teaches the importance of SEO
  • Audiobook available.


  • Difficult terms to understand

6. Web Copy That Sells by Maria Velosa

Best Books for Affiliate Marketing - Web Copy That Sells

As technology advances, Maria Veloso powerfully approaches affiliate marketing through her book Web Copy That Sells. This book reveals the timeless tricks that can help you emulate advertising to make unrivaled success.

Apart from that, the book reveals tips on how to upgrade your video content. Also, you can learn tips on how to make eye-catching and interactive content.

In addition, Maria Veloso writes about how marketers can smooth out some messages to influential digital vibes. Additionally, she talks about the tricks to craft attention-grabbing and clickable content and write good video scripts that compel.

Plus, this book is constantly revised to add more details on any new leads that you can use to help your copy sell. As new methods are made available, you can expect revised editions.


  • Tips on how to advertise your business 
  • Learn how to upgrade video content
  • Tricks for making interactive content
  • Easy to read
  • Free trials 
  • Learn how to choose a good business niche


  • Fewer customer reviews about the book
  • Pricey

7. The Complete Guide to Affiliate Marketing on the Web by Bruce C. Brown

This book is yet another one to consider when venturing into affiliate marketing. 

Bruce C. Brown has produced professionally written, proofread, and dedicated books. Additionally, his books have won dozens of awards for good content, interior design, and cover design.

The Complete Guide to Affiliate Marketing on the Web is an easy way to gain step-by-step information on various marketing strategies.

Apart from that, the new book helps you master affiliate marketing tricks. If you want to learn how to effectively implement a cost-effective way of earning a lot of profits, this book is your best bet. 

An example of what the author teaches in the book is the main tricks to gain proficiency with the six fruitful campaign stages. The stages include keyword research, analysis of performance, and the needed software.

In addition, the book includes case studies from competitive companies.


  • eBook version
  • High-quality content
  • Good for newbies
  • Many pages with helpful information
  • It is professionally designed.


  • Not suitable for experienced affiliate managers
  • Some affiliates may be confused due to the strong words used in the book

8. Growth Hacker Marketing by Ryan Holiday

Best Books for Affiliate Marketing - Growth Hacker Marketing

A growth hacker is a person who uses creativity and low-cost strategies to assist businesses in acquiring and retaining customers. Growth hackers are concerned with achieving growth objectives without following prescribed processes.

Moreover, growth hackers experiment, modify and adapt products and campaigns for growth. For that reason, growth hacking is very popular with most online consumer brands like Amazon, Instagram, and Dropbox, and many online marketers embrace it.

Thus, in Growth Hacker Marketing, Ryan Holiday presents hacking as a critical thing that helps marketers achieve their goals in online business.

The book reveals that if you want to become a growth hacker, you must get your Product Market Fit (PMF). This means shaping the products to fit market needs by testing what works perfectly.

But to get something that works, the author advises marketers to start by writing a press release rather than starting with the products. This will ensure that you have a good market focus instead of a product focus.

Furthermore, this book also encourages marketers to find their growth hack. It vividly explains the test-and-learn approach to help affiliates identify products worth marketing. 

To echo the author, once you find products with a good PMF, the next thing is to market them. To do that, you can also use a test-and-learn approach and then pilot your marketing.

Afterward, go viral by sweet-talking your customers into purchasing the product. Happy customer talking is a better way to go viral than traditional marketing and adverts.

However, you must retain and optimize your customers’ experiences because growth hacking is a long-term effort. Therefore, you need new and returning customers for your business to thrive.


  • Tips on how to retain customers
  • Information on how to identify products worth marketing
  • Steps on how to get a PMF
  • Helps you build a prototype 
  • Tips on how to pilot your marketing


  • Difficult instructions
  • New affiliates get confused by audiobooks

9. Affiliate Marketing for Dummies by Ted Sudolv and Paul Mladjenovic

Best Books for Affiliate Marketing - Affiliate Marketing Dummies

Another good book for affiliate marketing is Affiliate Marketing for Dummies. In their book, Ted Sudolv and his co-writer Paul Mladjenovic say that affiliate marketing is the route to earn some serious bucks.

In addition, they state that affiliate marketing can be good for bloggers who want to monetize their work. 

For that reason, they show affiliates how to choose the best affiliate product and services. They also reveal how to find the perfect affiliate program that best fits you and the best affiliate marketing strategies.

So, Affiliate Marketing for Dummies is a friendly step-by-step guide to help you start and manage your affiliate marketing business.


  • Information from experienced marketers
  • Helps you to choose good affiliate programs
  • Guides you on how to find good strategies
  • Information on how to select affiliate products and services.
  • Suitable for both beginners and experts


  • Some users say that the book is disjointed 
  • Repeats some pages

10. Deep Work by Cal Newport

The definition of deep work is the capacity to concentrate without interruption, especially on psychologically demanding tasks. 

This skill allows you to rapidly deal with complex data and produce good outcomes in a very short period.

Generally, Deep Work by Cal Newport can help you improve your affiliate marketing tricks.

According to the author, many people don’t dive deep to develop new ways of improving their affiliate marketing. However, this book can help give you new ideas.

The book also contains audiobooks with a listening length of about 8 hours. 

Thus, you can learn a lot about affiliate marketing by listening to these audiobooks. However, the content is only written in English, but you can find formats like hardback and paperback.


  • A good guide for affiliate marketing 
  • Different formats
  • Motivation and inspiration techniques in affiliate marketing 
  • Affordable
  • High-quality information 
  • Includes audiobooks


  • Limited reviews of the book
  • Some readers don’t know to use audiobook

11. SEO 2022 by Adam Clarke,

Our last best affiliate marketing book is SEO 2022 by Adam Clarke. The book reveals the search engine optimization tips used to grow numerous companies online.

It shows the exact steps to rank high on Google and how to get many customers. Therefore, with best-selling SEO 2022 optimization and online marketing books, you can achieve top Google rankings and generate good sales.

In addition, SEO 2022 covers some google updates, which you can take advantage of. Also, in this book, you can find how to use the keyword ‘money,” which will send more affiliates to your site.

Moreover, you can learn how to get featured for free, especially in mainstream news.

Apart from that, the book explains SEO in straightforward language for beginners to understand. You can also learn from the book the sneaky tricks on how to get rankings on local businesses with local SEO.

What’s more, you can learn the three sources where you can get expert SEO and online marketing advice for free. Plus, you get a checklist and video tutorials with the book.


  • Tips on how to find and use the keyword “money” to attract traffic to your site
  • Video tutorials and checklists
  • Tricks to get rankings on local businesses
  • Teaches you how to get expert SEO 
  • Market advice 
  • How you can get featured for free in mainstream news


  • SEO can be complex for some affiliates
  • Expensive book

Final words: Best books for affiliate marketing

Indeed, affiliate marketing is an excellent way to monetize your blogs. You can enjoy this, especially when there is high demand for the products or services that you promote.

We have listed some of the best affiliate marketing books in our article that come in handy to help you prosper in this industry. These books offer a strong foundation by identifying the industry’s niches and best affiliate programs.

Apart from that, the books have information on how to deal with traffic problems, get customers, and get ranked in local businesses. In addition, you can gather some important tips to help you understand how to go about the business and how to monetize a website.

Remember that most affiliate marketing books don’t cover the technical angle of conversations. Thus, to reach there, you must use a website and access the right marketing tools.