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10 Best Blog Writing Services for Scaling Content Creation

Undeniably, hiring the best blog writing services is key to scaling your blog.

After all, trying to produce premium content for your blog constantly can quickly become an overwhelming task.

It can also be challenging for smaller businesses without an in-house content writing team.

But with a blog writing service, you can quickly ensure fresh, SEO-friendly, niche content.

That’s why blog writing services can be some of your best investments.

And after researching over 25 blog writing services, we’ve compiled a list featuring our best picks of blog writing service packages and blog writing content mills.

Here they are:

1. WriterAccess

writeraccess blog writing services

WriterAccess is a large content-writing company that’s been around for over two decades.

This content writing agency has over 20,000 freelancers available, ensuring efficient turnaround for any project you submit.

Since its start in 2000, WritersAccess has handled over 40,000 clients and has proven it can handle any topic you throw at them.

They charge anywhere from $0.02 to $2 per word, depending on the topic and how fast you want it.

WritersAccess offers highly technical services, which are great for technical blogs.

However, it might be overkill if you’re looking for marketing content.

Nonetheless, you will find many experienced writers to cover every niche.

Moreover, they offer multiple packages to suit your budget, and you can rest assured of a reasonable turnaround time.


  • Offers technical and niche services
  • Has reasonable pricing
  • Fast turnaround
  • Offers a free trial period
  • Simple user interface

2. WordAgents

wordagents best blog writing services

WordAgents is one of the best blog writing services available at the moment.

You simply choose your package and submit your content requests.

Their team of strictly vetted, native English-speaking writers will handle your request.

You will then receive your fully edited, ready-to-publish SEO blog content.

The company can handle general and extremely niche content requests, including blog posts, brand copy, product descriptions, and affiliate content.

In addition, they have reasonable pricing packages and ensure every requirement you have is met.

Working with WordAgents comes with an efficient customer service experience as well.

So, while you may find cheaper blog writing services, you’re less likely to find the guarantee of high-quality content and a fast turnaround time. 


  • Fast turnaround
  • Price matches service quality
  • Can handle general and niche content requests
  • Great customer service
  • Highly qualified and vetted writers
  • Specializes in SEO content
  • Easy-to-use platform

3. ContentGrow

contentgrow blog writing service

ContentGrow is a blog writing service that offers an easy way to scale your content.

You can send out a call for ideas on specific topics, and their freelance content writers will respond with content.

All you need to do is review every submission and pay for the one you like.

Since you don’t have to be specific about what you want, you can free up your time and let the creatives develop ideas.

In addition, their platform allows you to implement quality control guardrails to ensure you get the work you want.

ContentGrow also recommends their top talent depending on your needs.

You can pay in various ways and currencies using their in-app payment system.

However, it’s worth noting that they do not have standard pricing or subscriptions.

You pay based on what content you want and the experience level of the writer you choose.


  • Gives you control over what content you accept
  • Allows for lack of specificity on content details 
  • Recommends talent to match your needs
  • Allows for payment using multiple currencies and platforms on their system

4. Constant Content

constant content blog writing

Constant Content is a unique blog writing service that works as a writers’ marketplace.

There are many articles for clients to choose from.

It’s an excellent option when you’re in a rush and need content immediately, as you’ll likely find the content available.

You can browse the platform for pre-written content and get charged based on the word count and the writer’s experience level.

You can also request a specific article or topic and choose from the nearly 100,000 writers available.

Additionally, you’ll have editors to guide you through finding valuable content.

This ensures high-quality content since their posts are pre-vetted.

It’s important to note, though, that you need at least $25 added to your account before you can start browsing available articles.


  • Pre-written and vetted content
  • Flexible pricing depending on what content you pick
  • Allows for specific content requests

5. Semrush Content Marketplace

semrush marketplace content writing

Semrush Content Marketplace is a specialized content writing service by the online marketing agency Semrush.

Their platform offers any business the chance to get professionally written blog content.

You can get content on every niche, including for agencies, B2Bs, and B2Cs.

You can even ask for infographics for a specific article.

After you create an account, you can order content by giving specific requirements for the topic of your choice.

Semrush even offers an Instant Writer Match feature to help you find writers that are better suited to your requirements.

Note that they have varying pricing depending on what content you request.

The good news is that they offer limited revisions if you don’t have a premium membership.


  • Offers specialized and niche writing services, especially for businesses
  • Has highly qualified writers
  • Allows for instant matching with a writer
  • Unlimited revisions with premium membership
  • The parent company offers other marketing services

6. Scripted

scripted content solution

Scripted is similar to Constant Content in that they are both content mills.

The platform vets experienced copy and content writers; once they pass, they can create a profile.

Writers can then pitch to available clients or submit work for sale.

This means that you can request specific content from over 3000 writers on the platform.

They write all kinds of content, and you can order as little as 500 words.

You simply have to sign up for an account and choose a pricing plan that works for you.

This allows you to decide which writer to work with and on what basis.

It does involve more work than submitting a content request and having content delivered to your email, but it’s an excellent option for some businesses.

Scripted is also quite pricey, but they do deliver content quickly. 


  • Access to experienced writers
  • Allows writers to pitch blog post ideas to clients
  • Allows for specific requests
  • Different pricing plans

7. Verblio

scripted content solution

Verblio is a great platform if you’re looking to hire a writer for long-term work.

You’ll get high-quality blog posts fast from any of the thousands of highly qualified writers available.

Another great feature of this platform is its AI features that enable smarter searches based on ratings and reviews over time.

The more you use Verblio, the more accurate the matching you’ll get for available writers.

In addition, you can have one or two regular writers you work with, which can help with brand voice and messaging consistency.

Verblio’s platform comes with WordPress and Hubspot integrations, making content publishing easier.

Pricing depends on which pieces you purchase from the writers after they submit their work to you.


  • Beautiful user interface
  • Machine-learning writer-match for more accurate matching
  • WordPress and Hubspot integrations
  • Pricing depends on the work you purchase from writers

8. Copypress

copypress blog content services

Copypress is a content agency that offers solutions for generating, promoting, and scaling content.

You can get any blog post written by their team of vetted and qualified writers.

There is no limit to what industry their writers can write about, and you can rest easy that an expert in your industry will handle your content request.

Once you set up your Copypress account, you need to select a pricing plan that works for you.

Note, however, that Copypress is an expensive blog writing service. Nonetheless, they assure highly specialized and experienced writers, making it a fantastic option for those looking for niche content.

Their impressive customer support division ensures that your vision is delivered and your ideas are realized before you need them.


  • Has dedicated, experienced writers for each industry
  • Different pricing plans
  • Offers promotion services as well

9. TextBroker

Textbroker is one of the oldest content-writing platforms available.

They hire many writers and assure clients of a quick turnaround on projects.

While they can’t assure you of the quality of the work you receive, you will receive it on time.

This platform works as an open market, and writers can choose what articles they want to write.

TextBroker ranks writers based on experience and past work, so the quality will be good.

However, if you’re seeking expert knowledge on a niche topic, TextBroker cannot guarantee that.

To get a blog written on TextBroker, you need to submit an article brief that is as detailed as possible.

The writer who claims it will then write the article to your specifications.

Aside from that, setting up an account isstraightforward, and the pricing is affordable.


  • Affordable pricing 
  • Has many writers available
  • Encourages highly detailed blog post requests for better-quality work

10. Writer

iwriter blog content writing

iWriter is a content writing mill that operates similarly to TextBroker.

It works as a connection between writers and those who need content of any kind written.

You can expect writers with English proficiency since they are tested before being accepted.

To get your content written on iWriter, you set up an account and request content.

Pricing varies depending on your request, but it is an affordable option.

Once a writer claims the work, you can expect to receive a submission for your request.

You simply publish a content request, and the team will alert available writers.

The downside, though, is that there is no quality assurance.

They have no team of editors, nor can they guarantee highly qualified writers.

However, you can make unlimited revision requests until you receive content you’re happy with.


  • Affordable pricing
  • Unlimited revision requests

Why Use a Blog Writing Service?

Outsourcing your blog content needs is a big move that can help a growing or busy blog or business.

Here are some reasons to consider using a blog writing service:

1. You Can Scale Faster

Creating new content is difficult, especially if you don’t have an in-house team.

Blog writing services make it easy for a new, growing, or established blog site to have new content constantly.

You’ll have a more reliable blog content timeline, allowing you to get keyword research and articles out faster.

In turn, your organic growth will speed up with better link-building and guest posts.

Not only that; it allows you to focus on other marketing aspects of the business.

It also lets you scale your blog content without putting in thousands of extra hours.

2. You Will Save Time

Curating blog content is a time-consuming task.

Whether you operate alone or have a small team, you’ll be stretched thin trying to produce high-quality content.

It will take days just to get one task done and days to edit.

And in this age of rapidly shifting trends, you can’t afford to lose time if you hope to drive organic traffic to your site.

Thus, blog writing services allow you to have multiple blog posts written simultaneously.

You get to choose what you want or specify the exact content needed and wait for the content.

This frees up time that you can spend on other tasks.

3. You Can Save Money

For a small and growing business, it can be tough to allocate a budget for a team of content writers.

With blog writing services, however, you can get up to ten times as much content as you would working alone or with a small team.

What’s more, you can submit a large order and get it done without spending as much as you would to hire someone to fill the position.

4. You’re Guaranteed Quality

This is especially true for blog writing services that offer such guarantees as opposed to freelancing platforms.

Since they have taken the time to vet and hire qualified writers, you can rest assured that you’ll get good work.

5. You Can Boost Visibility

Search engines like Google prioritize high-quality content.

So, securing the services of a blog writer experienced in SEO can land you on the top page of search results for your keywords.

Additionally, having a consistent content schedule gives you enough internal and external links to boost your ranking.

How to Find the Best Blog Writing Service for Your Business

Now that you’re ready to take the plunge and use a blog writing service, here is what you should consider:

1. Your Budget

As you can see from our list, the cost of a blog writing service varies greatly.

Some blog writing services work on a subscription basis, while others charge for each content request or accepted article.

On the other hand, others work on a contract basis, where you request a certain number of words or articles and get a quote to cover that request.

Therefore, you must consider your budget when determining which blog writing service is best for you.

Remember, as your business makes more, you can invest in a better package.

Finding a medium between your wallet and your expected quality is critical.

2. Content Quality

Search engines prefer high-quality content.

This means you should consider paying for a blog writing service that guarantees quality.

However, you can also pay for an editing service once content is written if it makes more financial sense for your business.

3. Delivery Time

If you want regular content, consider using a blog writing services package instead of ordering a specific article from a content mill.

This way, you are guaranteed content within a set number of days or hours.

You get more say in delivery time, schedule, and content quality with packages or subscriptions.

4. Ease of UseEase of Use

Using a blog writing service that has a client-friendly interface can make the process infinitely better.

It’s essential to have a clear idea of what they offer, how to place an order, and how to track your order.

This way, you can manage your blog and the team better by knowing when to expect new content and planning around it.

How Much Do the Best Blog Writing Services Cost?

In 2022, the average cost for a quality content writer is $37/hr or $150 per 1500 words.

Using blog writing services, you can expect to pay up to $6/word, which is still considerably cheaper than hiring a copywriter.

However, most blog writing services will not cost that much. You can get a cheap blog writer for $0.02 per word.

Note, though, that there’s no guarantee of quality or that you’ll get a qualified or experienced writer.

So, if you want to find a good writer, it’s possible with a budget of at least $0.04 per word.

But if you want a blog writing service with more qualified writers, it can cost at least $0.06 per word.

Blog writing service subscriptions or packages usually come with quality assurance, reviews, and customer service.

On the other hand, hiring freelance writers from platforms like Upwork or using content mills does not always come with that guarantee.

It’s important to remember that technical niches will cost more.

So, if your blog focuses on a technical topic, be prepared to have a higher budget for blog writing services.

Frequently Asked Questions About Blog Writing Services

How much does a 1000-word blog cost?

The average rate for a 1000-word blog post is $200 to $700.

The pricing depends on the topic, industry, and writer’s experience.

Blog writing services can typically offer lower costs for a 10,000-word article.

How much does it cost to get a blog written?

Blog writing rates vary widely depending on the blog writing service or freelance platform you choose to use.

Additionally, a writer’s experience and accreditations determine the blog’s cost.

Typically, $100 is the average cost of a 500-word blog post.

But, an experienced native English speaker can charge up to $500 for a quality blog post. 

Are there affordable blog writing services?

Yes, you can also find affordable blog writing services. Depending on your budget, you can choose a blog writing service package and get multiple articles for a low price.

You can also pay a low word rate on a freelance work platform or content mill for a blog article.

Are blog writing services worth it?

Definitely! Investing in blog writing services is the right move for small and mid-sized businesses and blogs.

Having a professional and qualified content writer produce content for your blog can significantly increase visibility, interactions, and ranking on search engines.

It also allows you time and freedom to focus on other marketing endeavors.

Final Thoughts About the Best Blog Writing Services

Blog writing services are an excellent way for small and mid-sized businesses to get high-quality content.

By outsourcing your blog content creation, you can get a steady stream of SEO-friendly blog posts that drive your engagement.

Scaling your blog content creation using a blog writing service allows you the freedom to focus on other marketing tasks.

When choosing a bog writing service, consider the pricing, quality, ease of placing content orders, and delivery time.

Also, look into how their blog writing services packages are ranked to ensure you purchase the service that aligns with your needs.

Watch the video below for a comprehensive guide to blog writing services!